The Perfect Duo: An Aspiring Kennedy's Love Story

You know how blogs always 
have contests and giveaways
to win this or do that
and we run you around the interwebs
liking and tweeting 
like it's going out of style?

Well, today
I'm that girl.

I've been drooling over DUO's boots 
the last few weeks
and when I saw 
their giveaway for a free pair,
I decided to join the fun
and enter the giveaway...

Which requires me to tell our love story
here on this little blog.

Have you ever heard ours?

it's good.

We have one that would make
Cinderella and her shoe-toting tale
feel a little insecure.

Okay, fine...
maybe not.

Maybe it's not universally perfect,
but it was the perfect fit for the two of us.

Kinda like DUO,
because you can custom size
your boots to fit
in the ankle & calf...
and honestly, how amazing is that?

Their new collection
has me dreaming of tromping
through wet London streets
without the fear of frozen toes & wet feet.

(Editor's Note: My current boots are cheap and terribly made.)

It's almost as good of news
as the day I told my family
I had broken up with my boyfriend
and was going to marry Tyler.

To which they practically replied
"Tyler... who?"

So go get a cup of tea or coffee
and find a place that's really cozy...
this might take a while.

Plus, you'll get to see awkward pictures of me from college.

*    *   * 

If you want to enter the contest
(and I can't really blame you),
check out the details here.


  1. ok the link the the "happy ending" isn't working.....I mean I know the ending, sweet Viola and all.....but I need to finish the story!

    1. Ah! You're right. Sorry- it's fixed now. Spoiler alert: It's a happy one! ;)

  2. So...even though I read the love story when you originally posted it, I had to read it again. It's just as sweet the second time through!

    1. Thanks! I re-read it when I was posting this and I remembered how much fun it was to write out!!

  3. OMG, I've completely neglected everything I needed to do this morning to read your sweet story and Happy Ending doesn't work. I'm officially late for everything! Love the story and am dying to finish it!!!

  4. I love your story! Though I had to laugh because my took a lot on faith when I announced I was marrying my husband, my parents had only met him once and my siblings never since they were in the UK and I was in the US. My siblings only met him the day before the wedding when everyone flew in!

    1. *that's my family took a lot on faith. ;) They too basically said, "Jeff who?"

  5. Good luck! I read your 'love story' the other day and I have to say you tell it with the perfect amount of sincerity and light-hardheartedness (and I mean it really is an interesting story). Totally boot worthy.

  6. One of my favorite love stories to read! So suspenseful! :)

  7. your love story is one of my all time favorites on the web

  8. You hands down deserve to win. Those boots are perfect.


  9. Cute boots!

    But your story!!! Oh my gosh, SO GOOD. I just read through the entire thing and was left wanting to know more! So, if read correctly you were planning the wedding before you were officially engaged? Did you run into your ex boyfriend after all of that...?! So many unfinished details. ;)

    And you're right to not have married someone only because it was the "right" thing to do. I did that and it didn't work out. It's best to be with someone because that's what makes sense. Love wins! :)

    1. Yes, thats exactly right. Booked the honeymoon, too! ha!

  10. Love your story...probably because it's so similar to my own! So happy that you made the decision to follow your heart. Life really is so much sweeter with love in it! ;) Thank you for sharing and good luck with the contest!

  11. Your last link of the story isn't working! Cliffhanger :)

  12. I loved re-reading your story again (great Friday activity at work!!) but it makes me stressed for you! So thankful for how the Lord brings people together, even if its a bit messy at first!

  13. Just read all the parts to your love story - incredible how it all played out. It definitely verifies what I think about love, and the strength of some people's bonds. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  14. OH MY GOSH!!!!!
    The "Happy Ending" Link isn't working.
    I love this story it's very much a romantic comedy!!!!
    I totally need to hear the end of it though.

  15.'s open just for Uk and US!!

    1. Oh no!!!! :( I'll share with you if I win!

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Wow, I hadn't read your love story before and I was missing out! Have you ever thought of writing a book?? Your love story would make quite an enticing novel! :)

  18. My happy ending link takes me to part 4. I can't see the ending!!

  19. Just read y'alls love story for the first time-Seriously I could not stop reading and we all knew the ending! You could give Twilight and Hunger Games a run for their money. =) Such a great story!

  20. Such a crazy and sweet story! Glad you two found each other, no matter what it took!

  21. I love it! Thank you for sharing your love story!

  22. I think you've got those boots in the bag...that, my friend, is a great story.

  23. Still just as good as the first time I read it!! But, I need MORE now! How about a prologue?? Ooh...or Tyler's version! Please??

  24. I have a confession, I just re read all FOUR chapters of y'alls love story, yes RE read bc I am a freak and I loved it all over again. I am not a stalker...and on that note I feel like i have written "i am not a stalker" in a comment before...whoops!


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