Weekend Rambles

This week was a long, tiring week.

There was nothing bad about it,
 in fact, it was packed full a lot of good/fun things.

If you follow my Instagram insanity,
you may have seen the non-stop line up 
that happened this week
Tower of London, Dover Castle, Canterbury Cathedral, Hampton Court, etc...
along with every tea room & bakery 
in between here & there.

But this morning we woke up groggy
with the immediate need to recover.

So we pushed the alarm to snooze,
cuddled the baby between us 
to convince her to sleep later,
and slept in till 11.

We walked around Portobello Road,
had lunch in one of our favorite pubs, The Pelican,
grocery shopped at the produce stalls & butcher,
queued up like lemmings for a cupcakes at Hummingbird,
and came home for an easy/early night back in the flat.

joining the masses all for a little bit of baked goodness. totally worth it, by the way.
Thanks for the hat, Caley!
A few hours out
with a day like that
and you'll be convinced
that the scales of life
are starting to tip back in your favor
and heavily on the side of awesome.

Except once we got home- 
the baby wouldn't nap,
the boeuf bourgnignon turned out to be more like boeuf soup...
and now, at 11:16, I'm sitting down
after cuddling a certain 7-month old 
who was definitely not wanting to go to bed.

(I suppose this was her form of payback for us conning her to sleep in?)

And perhaps this was my payback for her not going to bed?

Now I'm sitting here
feeling too tired to take a much needed bath,
defeated by the endless visa renewal whisper -talk
Tyler & I had while I rocked Viola,
and severely regretting offering my red velvet cupcake to Tyler
as he chomps in to it over an episode of Arrested Development.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day...
And for a husband who saved me the last bite of cupcake 
without me even asking.

*     *    *

Anyone have any special remedy 
for being really tired
and/or adding a few extra hours to the day?
I'll pay you in digestive cookies & ginger beer.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. you are a busy busy bee, i'm glad you got to sleep in a little!! and if you discover the secret to adding more hours to the day, please let me know!!

    1. me too! let me in on that secret!
      also, she gets cuter and cuter. which i didn't think was possible.

    2. i would love to need to know this secret too, i could do with it now.

      lauren i know exactly know how you feel...i am exhausted but my go to things are a cup of tea; a walk in the fresh air, and putting on some upbeat music on my phone. but then i do these things and waste the time playing candy crush because i am addicted. *hanging head in shame*

  2. A steaming hot earl grey with stevia and frothed milk always does it for me!!! It's my go-to evening treat. And gives me my much needed alone time after my kidlets go to sleep.

  3. I'm secretly glad to hear that you are tired...because seeing all you do on Instagram makes constantly think "how does she do it? I am such a sloth! I'm tired just doing laundry and cooking for everyone". Ok, I'm not happy you are tired, but just glad to know you are normal! Glad you got some sleep. I used to be more that way (with the first baby)...I could go, go, go and then I'd be dead to the world for two solid days. I have to pace myself more now...which basically means I just have to make myself go to bed at night...even if it means turning down a good invitation!
    Anyway, when I'm just really over tired, but I need to keep going, a shower is always my best bet to perk up a little. I know you said you were too tired for that, but sometimes it's the best medicine. And agreed with the other comment about Earl Grey (Harney & Sons is my FAVE, but I'd stick with decaf. Being overtired and then having caffeine makes me feel sick). I also stay off the computer/phone when I'm tired...it just gives me that fatigued headache and makes me feel horrible.
    OK, and I know this is probably really corny, but I'll ask the husband to rub my head (meaning, like comb his fingers through my hair). It's like an instant stress reliever for me. I do this to my kids too when they are over tired at bedtime and I just need them to settle down.
    Hope you feel back to normal tomorrow! When you get up, drink a huge glass of water! It's amazing what a simple glass of water can do...and of course follow up with a cup of Jo, but hydrate first! ;)

  4. I need to first tell you that I want to pin your outfit up top there, SO cute. But more importantly, I think everyone will inevitably have those days. You have a baby so maybe those days might be more, but I think getting out and being active helps! Which we know you are!

  5. Oh dear- the first bit of the day sounded so great, and then BAM! Here's hoping today is better- those days/ evenings happen, and at least you got a bite of the cupcake anyway :) As for a remedy for being really tired- I'm told dark chocolate has a lot of caffeine in it, and, you know, it's chocolate? xx

  6. I think you are doing really well! Sleeping in until 11! I have not done that in years and my youngest has just turned 3 (boy, does that sound depressing!).

  7. guh, i'm so tired right now. went to bed at midnight (my own fault... i started digging into an old journal and reading bits of it to steve as we fell asleep. it was our 'dating journal' so it's pretty hilarious and mushy and cheesy) and then parker woke at 6. and 6 hours just ain't enough for this mama. coffees all around!

  8. Thanks for "keeping it real," Aspiring Kennedy! I can't tell you how many times I look at your blog/instagram/facebook and WISH I could be the always-energetic mother you seem to be all the time! I have never been as exhausted in my life as I am now, after 8 months with our precious baby girl! (Totally worth it though!) Anyway, my go-to's are tons of water, coffee, a nutritious meal, walks outside in the sunshine, forcing myself to go to bed early, and little breaks as often as possible - like letting my husband play with our baby for a couple of hours on the weekend while I take a nap. :-) You are wonderful! Hang in there!

  9. A nice walk out in the brisk cold or a long, hot shower always does the trick for me! Oh, and a second red velvet cupcake never hurts either!

  10. Anything that comes with ginger beer offers sounds good to me!

    I often will take a swig of liquid B12 if I am feeling low. Or if it is the weekend or pre, post-work, a few splashes of frigid cold H2O helps as well!


  11. You and viola are adorable! Fall is always so busy, I hope you (and Viola) get some rest soon! You two certainly don't look tired!!

  12. woohoo VIsa renwewal!! We are up this month too. It always makes you a little more....what's the word? AWARE then you were in the past months. I'll be praying it goes smoothly for you :) You look lovely as always, you should know that too. :)

  13. I had dinner in Soho on Friday night, and it was right across the street from a Hummingbird. I wish I would have gone in!!!

  14. OK so I am really good at this, because I work a lot of nights, lates, and generally weird shifts. (Modest too, no?).
    1). Drink water
    2). Drink water
    3). Drink water. This can be really boring so I down a pint (yes, really) before going to bed and another one in the shower in the morning. I have a vintage glass tankard for this purpose, which helps (it is really pretty, and has a handle). When I'm feeling really tired I down the pint *in the shower* in the morning. The mix of hot and cold water is somehow quite refreshing
    4). Ditto brushing your teeth in the shower. Also time-saving
    5). Baths are ALWAYS a good idea. They will help you sleep, and relax even if you're not going to get much sleep. If you are REALLY tired bathe with the door unlocked, and if you find you're falling asleep in the bath, get out!
    6). 5HTP. You can buy it from H&B. It isn't a sleeping tablet, but it can help with both falling asleep and better-quality sleep
    7). Chamomile tea. It works, honest
    8). If you are going to need to try to sleep during the day, wear sunnies as you're getting ready for bed, and if you can bear it, an eye-mask in bed. The darkness will also help regulate your sleep-wake cycle
    9). I am not going to tell you about amaretto in hot milk as a sleeping draught, because it is a really bad idea, especially with a baby, and alcohol is actually really poor for sleep. However, if you have your mum staying, the baby is a bit older and it is an emergency, you could think about it
    10). Cut yourself some slack. If the boeuf bourgnignon turns into beef soup and you don't like it, order pizza! And don't feel guilty about it
    11). Take some you time. Remember all the pre-mum things which made you happy (a particular body lotion or scented candle? A favourite author? Getting your hair blow-dried?) and try to fit in a few of them each week
    12). Ask for help. I am a doctor and love baby-sitting, and I love cooking for friends who are new mums, and sitting around drinking tea and setting the world to rights, and I am not in any way unique. Ask your friends, or even people who you don't really know that well. As my mum always says, 'Ask a favour and you make a friend.'

    Good luck!

    Good luck!

  15. A cuppa tea. Even when you're too tired to make it. I'm always glad I did.


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