le vendredi noir

Since Britain doesn't really have Thanksgiving
(I know, shocker, right?)...
there isn't really a "Black Friday" to follow.

Except if you have access to 
ye olde world wide web
and can shop the sales
from your nifty computers.

I, honestly, haven't thought
for a second
about Christmas gifts this year.

I don't know what I really want
nor do I have any clue
what I want to give to people.

But man...
with deals like today,
it's hard not to get cracking.

Even if there wasn't an ocean
separating me from the shopping madness,
I would never head out to shop today.

But browsing online...
at home...
looking all terrible and bloated
after our Thanksgiving dinner last night?

Well, sure.

I'll play the Christmas elf
and share some of the sales I'm most excited about:

( 75% on selected items like my Logan Square diaper bag- $129!)

(25% everything + 7AM door busters. Use code: GOBBLE)
You can also find an amazing Black Friday list of handmade retailers here on their blog.

(Free shipping on tons of flash sales. I bought these baby tights for $10)

(Pretty much 10%- No codes needed!)

( 30% | use code: HOLIDAY)

(I'm a sucker for cheap DVDs.)

What about you?

Do you brave the madness of shopping on Black Friday
and I guess, contribute to it, also?

Or do you hang around home
and play your odds with what's available online?


  1. No shopping for me except a trip to the Notre Dame bookstore, which is basically heaven. Go Irish!.

  2. Jcrew Factory, Gap, and Old Navy are 50% off too!

  3. My family usually goes right when the stores open so we avoid the lines, but still get to laugh at the bizarre chaos and can still grab a couple of good deals!

  4. I normally brave the crowds, but now that we are in the Middle East, this isn't feasible. I have bought a few items on line, but it's not the same when you have to ship them directly to the recipient :(

  5. Right?! I live in New Zealand so we don't have Thanksgiving or Black Friday but hey, online shopping works for me ;)

  6. I thought I was doing so well staying away from the black friday sale (since we now live in London), but kate spade's online deal was too good to pass up! :D hahah. thanks for the tip!


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