Write It Down.

I enjoy writing.


I can think clearer and articulate how I feel
by writing my thoughts down.

Journaling has always been a huge part
of all of my travels.

If you looked in my closet 
at my parents house,
you would find endless journals
half-filled with pages of my travels.

School trips, mission trips, family trips...
They would become immortalized by pen.

It seemed an injustice to the experience (and expense!)
to do anything but that...
As if it was wasteful to forget one day.

And I guess I still feel that way...

I love taking notes, pictures, 
writing favorite spots
we discovered down along the way
to show an odd form of thankfulness for the experience...

That's why this blog is so full of things, I suppose.

If someone can benefit from the experience I had,
it makes it live on and have a deeper worth.

But beyond the journaling & blogging,
I also love writing postcards.

I send them to the littles in my life that are special to us...
And, now that they've received them for a few years and the excitement has worn off a bit,
I get to write them to a new friend who needs them.

And that just makes the experience of going places,
even amazing places,
all the better.

Postcards? Pictures? Videos?

How do you savor your travel experiences?

* * *

I just walked in the door from two weeks 
moving around England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland...
capped off by a weekend in Barcelona.

(If that's new news, jump on the Aspiring Kennedy Instagram train for immediate gratification.)

More on those later
-as my immediate priority after a 4am taxi is a nap-
but for now,
check out two other places (on-line) 
that you can find me at recently.


  1. I feel the exact same way! I keep travel journals for all of our travels, in addition to my blog. In fact I have a separate journal for each country. It seems like I have more journals for Italy than anywhere else, which makes me uber happy! :) But I'm also on the postcard writing/travel journal writing/immense picture taking train!

  2. I have loved following your instagram over the past week!
    Its really encouraging that you take Viola with you to all these places- people keep telling me that if I have a baby it will be an end the travelling and fun. Each time you post a new picture in a far off place I show my husband to encourage him that it is possible ;)


  3. I can relate to the journalling. I have so many half-filled journals it's nearly ridiculous :)
    I also, like sending out little "just because" cards. To unto others as you would have them do unto you, right?!

    ...I mostly document trips with photos. And making sure they're in several locations...just incase technology fails me ;)

    Manda from Eat Cake

  4. Thanks for the link, lady! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I LOVE writing postcards. I have a goddaughter who doesn't travel because her parents don't fly, and it pains me to think of how much she could miss out on if she never discovers that whole new world beyond her immediate microcosm. So from the time that she could read, I started writing her postcards. I sent them from everywhere that i traveled- from Greece, from England, from Ireland, from Greece again, from Prague, from the Southwest, from the Northwest, and all the national parks in between. I wrote little facts about each place. I told her about the amazing things I saw. I pray one day she decides to go see them for herself.

    xx, happy thanksgiving!

  6. Lauren!
    You're such a great girl!!!
    I love all the energy and the passione that you put in everything you do!
    That's why (I think) you have so many jobs!
    By the way, I love postcards!receiving and sending!

    PS: next weekend my boyfried and I are going to visit Rome! :)
    Buona serata cara Lauren!

  7. I'm very much the same way - I have journals, but it's funny because sometimes I don't want to ruin them by writing anything other than coherent, meaningful thoughts (ironically, each time I buy a new journal, I want it to be my "everything" journal, mistakes and all), so I don't write in my journal a lot, but do save it for the special things. Everything else, up on the blog it goes!

  8. I'm the same way - I love obsessively documenting everything! I always take a travel journal with me when I travel, and I also usually try to send a few postcards to my grandparents.

  9. We love capturing our trips in photos but I always like to walk away with something physically from that area too. The map we used while hiking through the national park, the ticket stub we got for the train, those little things are important to me. I keep them tucked away in a box and I love being able to dig through the box and actually feel the items.


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