I wanna smooch her under some mistletoe.

The other week
I got to pop into the 
hosted by Babyccino Kids.

While we were there,
Amsterdam photographer, Maud Fontein
had set up a cute photobooth
and snapped some pictures of Viola.

Oh my goodness,
this kid is happy 
to be in front of the picture.

We were laughing so hard
at her posing
that we couldn't really focus
on the task at hand.

Obviously, Maud got some winners
through the laughs though...

*image original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Her mother's daughter, much? She is too much for my heart to handle.

  2. You legitimately have the cutest baby in the world.

  3. She is absolutely precious & such a ham in front of the camera!

  4. Oh, she's so adorable! Mid laugh photos are always the best ones :) looks like you got a winner here x



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