FOURSALE: Chunky Knit Scarf (Mini)

Yesterday, Viola & I needed some fresh air
after two days in the house
per doctor's orders to stay home
and avoid risking another infection.

I was booooored.

So, I threw on her coat, bow and scarf
and headed out to get some sunshine.

We lasted about 4 minutes
until she started trying to eat leaves
and my neighbor came up to chat
telling me all about the terrible flu
her family is passing around to each other.

(Cue Lauren inching back up the steps towards the door.)

But before the leaves and the plague debacle,
I got to snap a few pics of Viola 
showing off her new Christmas scarf
that Tyler's mom made her.

And promptly posted to Instagram.


. . . .

And then my inbox got flooded
with emails asking where it came from.

So, I called up my mother-in-law
and asked her to be the next foursale
for this little old blog.

And, since she loves us, she said yes.

So here you go:

The cutest baby scarves you ever saw.

They are no-fuss and super cute.

The wooden button is easy to fasten 
anywhere you like on the scarf.

Go getcha one
and channel that 
Baby-sitting-on-some-steps-in-Notting-Hill look.

And if you don't have a nino,
you can get one in adult size
to match the one she made me.

It has three wooden buttons and can button into tons of combos.

I'll be wearing the crap out of mine this spring
in the frigid Paris winter.


A few notes:

  • Since my mother-in-law will be making these by hand custom for Aspiring Kennedy, please allow 10-15 business days for your order to arrive!
  • US shipping only. If you live outside the US, just email me and we can get you sorted with one, too!
  • I love babies in scarves.

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. If only the rest of Viola's outfit came in adult sizes too :) I've never coveted an infant's style more haha.

  2. Adorable…but can you please send me your MIL's postal address so that I can send her some our handmade buttons!! x

  3. that truly is beyond adorable! Little fashionista!

  4. Viola is such a natural in front of the camera...too cute!!

  5. She is so precious I can't hardly stand it

  6. I can't get over what a little lady she is!!!


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