Girls will be Girls.

Though the settings may change
as life evolves and moves on,
the ridiculous female shenanigans continue.

I think we all shake our heads
and "mmmm hmmmm" when we hear such talk...

But it's still happening.

So can we all make a promise:

Can we, as ladies,
just believe that people are doing
 the best that they can
and to take things for face value.

I think it would do the world some good.

How do you deal with girl drama?

Confront it & nip it in the bud?
Or ignore it and hope it goes away?

(Me? I think there is a time and place for both responses.)

*    *    *

While you're dreaming up a response,
here are some cute picks
that I hope every girl can agree on...


  1. Avoid it and avoid the people who create it - its not been easy but its worth it in the long run. Life is too short to have anything negative directed at you. Sending love and a warm sunshine hug x

  2. I do my best to avoid it, but as far as possible, I make an effort to assume good intentions. So much in the media or society pits women against each other competitively that I think it teaches us to behave badly to one another. And even when we're trying our hardest not to, everyone makes mistakes. So, unless real harm has been done, I choose to assume that hurt wasn't meant intentionally and choose not to perpetuate a vicious cycle. And when a person is genuinely toxic (rather than in a bad place or situation they can't control), decide to limit their exposure in your life.

    I'm sure I can do better about being a good person even on my bad days, probably everyone can, but I really think getting along with people, badly behaved or not, really boils down to forgoing assumptions about other peoples motives and intent. Until given a reason not to (and always keeping in mind proper personal safety and care), assume good.

    Sending positive vibes your way today!

  3. well said! if girls want to run the world then we need to support each other instead of bringing each other down with gossip and negativity! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. I hate to bring drama to this topic, but I sure hope no one's causing drama in your life. I'd take down that shiz!

    What you said is what my mother-in-law says, too: people are doing the best they can. It's true. And if they're not, then it's not my place to judge.

    1. Oh no way, lady. I was just thinking through the dynamics of females after reading this post by The College Prepster (where girls are being nasty), a fake IG account was created mocking another girl I know, and then a conversation last night with a friend. Us girls need to be nice to each other and quit the tear-down games!!

  5. Oh, I completely rid my life of girls like that. My time is too precious to be around people who don't lift me up, encourage, and support me. That also includes what I spend my time reading on the internet as well. Of course, you can't always avoid it. In that case, I normally just close my mouth and walk away. Do you know why? Because anytime I "put someone in their place" it doesn't make a difference. All is does it make me more upset and that person isn't going to change.
    Motherhood is especially notorious for the drama. You have to find your "peeps" amongst other mommies. My friends and I have a saying "We are all doing the best with the tools we've been given." (Similar to what you said). In other words, we are all learning and growing.
    Oh, and don't get me started on competitiveness amongst Sigh...

  6. Over the years I'm made a deliberate effort to distance myself from people that start drama. In my experience it's only brought on negativity and hurtfulness. These days I have a much smaller group of friends, but that's because I choose to surround myself with good people - not people that will bring others down.

  7. This was a much-needed read today. Hear, hear. I fear for our little girls from the levels things are taken to today.

  8. It seems like the older I get the more I've grown out of the drama. I don't know if it's a combination of my maturity or who I choose to spend my time with now but I don't find a lot of the drama that I did even into college.

    I think I also tend to be the nip it in the bud type. I'll occasionally indulge in gossip but for the most part it's easier just to change the subject.

  9. We ladies have to learn to love and support one another. But then the reality of it is that there are just some ladies who are self centered and immature. One of the things I am learning now is from this quote: " Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you and stay." by Wu Tang. So just keep going and avoid the drama.

  10. an interesting perspective:

    1. I really liked that article... We all definitely want to be the one who isn't "that girl," and that attitude is what perpetuates it... Thanks for sharing. Two thumbs up.


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