Aloha (again) from Hawaii.

This time, I saying "Aloha" with a bit of sadness...
as I'm saying goodbye to the wonderful week
we have had here in the sun.

We have explored, played, celebrated,
and eaten a lifetime's worth of fish & hula pie.

My parents were here, too, and it was fun to share this with them.

They brought me with them to Maui
when I was about a year old...
and now, Viola gets to have the same fun
at the same age.

But I'm not just sad because 
it's the end of a wonderful week and wedding...

I'm also sad because
we are flying back to London today...

...from Hawaii.


*   *   *

We are flying from Maui to LA,
LA to NYC,
and NYC to London.


But, it'll all be worth it.

We'll grab our bags,
catch a night's sleep
and hit the road the next morning
for a Eurostar
and 10 days around the South of France
with my new semester.

So while I get a bit of tired head 
thinking about the long travel days ahead,
I get really excited to think
that there are some young college students
about to have their worlds' explode
by studying overseas...

.... and that I get to be there for it.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. Such beautiful pictures! Wishing you safe travels!

  2. You really had a great time!!!
    And I think your students are really lucky for having you waiting for them!
    Hope your travel will be good!
    Buon sabato!

  3. I've loved all your pictures on Instagram from Hawaii...especially the ones of Amber's wedding! Gorgeous! Wow, you have a lot of traveling ahead of you! Hope you all have semi restful flights and get readjusted to the time zone quickly!

  4. I've loved following along on Instagram. And what an exciting adventure in store for you and the students!
    - Rachel @ With Love, Rachel

  5. Great pictures! Safe travels!

  6. I'd love to know what you pack for 10 days in the South of France!

  7. aww these photos are wonderful! what a great family trip :) :) im sure the south of france will be fantastic too! xo

  8. Safe travels, hopefully you'll all be ok on sleep. I've loved living through this on Insta. Haha.


  9. That pic of you & Viola with your leis on must be framed! And I hope that all of your travels go smoothly!

  10. What an awesome holiday and a positive attitude to getting home x


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