Aloha from Maui!

I'm blogging in my swimsuit
with sunglasses on
while I sit on the balcony of our room
overlooking the gardens of our hotel
and drinking an iced chai latte.

Basically, I'm doing the furthest possible thing
from my normal blogging scenario.

(Read: In sweats on my couch with a cup of tea
while I hide from the grey drizzly London sky.)

We landed in Maui after our 8.5 hour flight
(which was a surprise to me... I had it in my head it would be around 5?),
made a brainless decision to grab dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise in Lahaina
and cruised on to our hotel room and crashed after the loonnng day.

We woke up this morning ready for adventure,
jumped in the car and headed north along the west coast of the island.

The funnest and most beautiful day
unfolded for us in no time.

Not to mention we discovered some delicious places to eat,
but I'll share those in separate posts later for you!

Starting tomorrow, the wedding festivities will be starting
for Tyler & Amber's big day.

(I'll be instagramming the fun with #mickelsonsgetmauid...)

So before the chaos ensues,
I just wanted to say "Aloha!" from a land that is truly magical
and share a few pictures from our day.

I haven't been to Maui since I was 11. 
I'd love some recommendations that have made 
your trips here extra special!

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. ahhh so fun!!! i would LOVE to go to hawaii right now (its negative 3 in chicago)
    have the BEST time and soak up that sunshine (whilst wearing sunscreen of course). xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I honeymooned on Maui... such an amazing place! I tell everyone who goes to eat at Mama's Fish House-- the best meal we had on the island!

  3. that sky! i am sitting in london inside with a cup of is still miserable here so i am so jealous.

  4. Viola needs to stop growing!!! And this is so, so, so beautiful... I'm in drizzly London today, but I don't hate it one bit :)

  5. Have fun in the Islands!!! :) Too bad you're not on Oahu, I'd have a whole lot of recs for you then :)

  6. our wedding and honeymoon was in maui! so many fabulous places to go! we stayed at the ritz and right beside it is one of the best sushi places in the world! makes me sad i can't run over there when i'm craving that particular sushi! also we love lahaina and the waterfront shops that lined the streets. enjoy every bit of it! i'm so jealous. :)

  7. Gorgeous! Soak up that sunshine and have a wonderful time!

  8. Eat at Mama's Fish House, soo soo good!! Obviously do the Road to Hana (we did it twice), eat at the Gazebo, try some banana bread, and I REALLY recommend the book Maui Revealed. It made our trip incredible :)

    Have so much fun

  9. Such stunning pictures!! Have the best time!

  10. Mama's Fish House and Kimo's for good food and (and Hula Pie). Haleakala and Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm for adventure. Napili Bay or Kapalua Bay for perfect beaches.

  11. Envy...this is what I'm it's raining, it's cold, outside the sky is grey.....yes, envy! it's the right word!
    Have fun even for me!!

  12. Oh I'm so jealous right now, Hawaii looks so beautiful. Have the best time!

  13. Hula Pie from Leilani's in Whaler's Village is a MUST. Also Ono Tacos (google map it) has really good street style tacos (although it looks a little dodgey as you drive up to it).
    Have fun! I would kill to be in Hawaii right now!

  14. If you have time, head to Kapalua (west) and grab dinner at The Pineapple Grill. Get the pineapple upside down cake. I dream about it. And don't share - you'll regret it. The Honolua general store (near the Ritz) has great, cheap breakfast, too!

  15. Agreed -- mamma's fish house! It's perfection & they love babies :)

  16. We just got back from Maui last month. If you don't go to Mala for the ahi bruschetta you're mad. We went twice. Also, Pacific'o is great. Fresh farm and sea to table food. Enjoy.

  17. Star Noodle over in the warehouse district is super yummy! The road to Hana drive might be intense with a baby but you can catch a short flight for about $40 (considering gas prices not a bad deal) if you ask your concierge. Why? Because the seven sacred pools (the o'heo? Pools) are so worth seeing! Also, you're there in prime whale season and should definitely get out on the water and and watch the humpbacks and all the baby humpbacks, just incredible! Most whale tours through the Paciffic whale foundation are great but if you get a group together you can sometimes charter a boat for less money each. Hope you have a blast and enjoy the wedding!

  18. What an amazing trip - love seeing your images and your daughter is precious!!

  19. I loved the road to hana - starting off the "back" way. Mamma's Fish House for sure!! I second Star Noodle. It was an awesome little find. The haleakaka sunrise bike tour through Bike It Maui was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I would return to maui almost just to do that again. Its so worth the early morning wake up.

  20. best family photo!! so glad you guys are getting some amazing beach time!


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