Is This Thing On?

No blog posts in a week?

Ah, yes...
I've slipped into the black hole
of the chaos of my semester.

Forgive me.

I'm here.

I'm just busy!

(Who isn't?)

So in the void of thought-provoking blogging,
here are just some awesome things
that I have seen, discovered or eaten 
since we touched down in France.


We had such a great day in the Loire Valley last week.
It's such a quick trip from Paris,
I think you should definitely make a day of it
when you plan your trip to Paris.

Hop a TGV from Gare Montparnasse
and head to Tours.

In about an hour and some change,
you'll be there.

Plan to rent a car
and hit the open road.

Chambord, Ambroise & Chenonceau
are the destinations awaiting you.

You definitely won't regret this decision.

(It'll be an all day event, if you plan to do it right.)


If you come to Paris and you're in the Marais, 
take a quick jump up from the St. Paul metro stop
to the Sandro outlet on Rue de Sevigne.

I bought some awesome silk pants there (€20)
and an amazing white cocktail drew (€40) there today.

The sweet girls working there said they get new stock in
about ever other day. 

(I have a feeling I'm about to become so much poorer.)


I'm all about pastries,
but for some reason
I've been drawn to the simpler choices
when wandering into the boulangerie lately.

Spongey madelines, almond-tinged financiers...
these are a few of my favorite things.


While Paris is known for many lovely things...
it isn't know for great coffee.

Unless you're wanting a tiny espresso
in a pretty cafe,
"real" coffee is hard to come by.

Lucky me for stumbling on a new shop, Boot Cafe,
right next to my metro stop, San Sebastien Froissart.

The new coffee shop sits where a cobbler used to be
(hence the name)....

Grab a cafe creme 
and a piece of the blood orange + pistachio cake
to start off your morning in the Marais.


I love Marche Aux Puces as much as the next American,
but the trek out to Pore de Clignacourt is a bit of a haul 
and the prices can be a bit steep.

(I can't get stay away from it though.)

I was so excited to see the more-local market
pop up on Boulevard Beaumarchais over the weekend.

I'm hoping it's a weekly thing. 
(Any locals able to weigh in on this?)

So many great "Paris" things...
from old street signs to discarded china.

I got two really cool books for 0.50 each.


First, Viola has mastered "the look."

She gives it on command and we think it's so funny.

We are sadly having to reign it in now
because she's taking it a little too far 
and using her new super power for evil....

But honestly... it makes me laugh.

Also, I'm getting the look.

The Paris look.

With being pregnant (and huge!)
and then post-baby messiness
and then nursing chubbiness (am I the only person who gained weight while nursing?)
and then 2 year old wardrobe apathy,
I had basically given up and given into a wardrobe cycle
of about 4 items + 3 scarves.

See below for documentation of said repeated items.

Being back here is awakening my old self
and I'm actually freshening up my closet a bit.

I'm working on the extra pudge I've slapped on,
but no place like Paris to make you want to lose weight
and wear some great new clothes.

* * *

That's all I've got for now. 
Keep following the fun on Instagram.
Things are getting exciting.

If you're looking to spruce up your closet, too,
here are some pieces that make me say, "Oh la la!"

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy


  1. I always held onto weight when aren't alone!
    Did you just say blood orange cake...I die...gimme, gimme! I love anything blood orange!

  2. Oh la la!!! :)
    So many wonderful things to do and to see when I'll come back to Paris!
    I envy you, travelling is one of the best thing that we can do!
    And I think that in just a few months, you will totally look like a Parisian!
    Buona giornata!

  3. I'm heading to Paris for 24 hours in two weeks - hahaha we thought it'd be "on the way back" from Barcelona to London, but we ended up spending 150euro extra for this little detour... SUPER excited to eat for a whole day and walk around w/ my bestie though!

  4. I LOVE that photo of Viola! She is just adorable. I love her style too. :)

  5. That look is amazing! She is hilarious.

  6. When I'm in Paris I work right off St. Paul and never knew about this Sandro outlet...already excited for my next visit there!!

  7. Ha ha, Viola has that look down! ;) As for nursing weight gain, I'm having the opposite problem (some might think it's a good problem to have but not in my case). I actually got below my pre-prego weight while not trying or working out which I believe has affected my milk supply over the past few months. We go though good weeks and then frustrating/stressful weeks especially after pediatrician visits with weigh-in where she has grown in length and head circumference but not too much in actual lbs. I would trade fitting into my regular clothes over anxiety over not being able to continue nursing anyday, plus you look fabulous honey! Looking forward to seeing your new Paris looks! :)

  8. Going on week nine of nursing and you are definitely not alone! I had dropped all but three pounds of my pregnancy weight gain within the first two weeks (oh what stress, being up 20 hours a day and not having a minute to feed yourself will do) but since things settled down and we found our stride, I actually put on a few pounds!! I thought I was the only one whose post baby weight moved in the wrong direction! :)

  9. Love that personality coming out in Viola.....hard not to laugh. When I was forty I would say I'm still losing my baby weight.....not impossible right? When asked how old my baby was I would tell the truth....16 years old! Hope that makes you smile.

  10. That picture of Viola is the cutest!
    I have been to those Chateaus.....but took an all day bus tour from City Rama. (Out of Paris) Would you recommend a certain car rental....if I did it again?

  11. Oh my gosh - Viola's Look! Hahaha! I love it - adorable! And yet I understand reigning it in as my two year old has her own little attitude and she's not afraid to share it ha! ... Oh and how happy am I to hear that I am not alone in the fact that I gained weight while nursing!! What the heck!?!? Enjoy France - I'm jealous and must go there one day! PS you write my newest fave blog! I loved your (old) video about Q&A and what you do :)

  12. For the record, Lauren...I think you look fabulous! I love your look...always have, always will. You've got loads of style and smarts lady...get out there and flaunt them!


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