"Today I'm..."

I found myself going down a rabbit hole
of old memories tonight
by watching some of the videos I made
when we first moved to England.

I'm so glad I made them.

They are some of the best treasures I have.

I don't know why, 
but this one has always been one of my favorites.

Maybe it's because it combines travel + home.

Two things that typically compete,
but are both equally tied for first in my heart.

It also makes me excited
to remember what we've seen
and what adventures await us.


  1. Awwww, you're even prettier on film than on camera. You're just adorable.

  2. I like it too!!!!
    A loot!!!
    Buon sabato!

  3. So fun to look back it always motivates the future!

  4. Love that one too! The part where your parents show up and surprise you...baaaa...still makes me choke up!

  5. That video is so cute! Such a fun keepsake.

  6. You make me want to go hop on a plane right now ;)

  7. Aw, I LOVE this. So so fun. What great memories. You make me want to take videos (something I never do).

  8. These videos are everything! I have always loved your photos but this....this is truly awesome. I just felt like I went on a mini vacation just watching them. Please share more!

  9. What wonderful memories and such a great way to capture the experience. Love your parents surprising you!!

  10. Great video-you can tell you love to travel. You are so happy in every single clip. :) What a fun montage. In our house, I'm the photographer and my hubby is the videographer-he's got about 1,000 videos on YouTube (not all are travel, but many are). One of my favorites is our first trip together (which was a trip to Europe where we got engaged). Now, I love being able to just look at videos in general when I'm missing him as he's over 7,000 miles away. There's something so special about video that just takes you back to those exact moments and makes you smile.

  11. I always love your videos and think it's wonderful that you have them to look back on and remember all the wonderful adventures you've had, with so many more to come!

  12. What amazing videos! Love that you captured it all and you def look happy


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