Friday Funday: Over Share the Under Wear?

Friday Funday Question:

If you were on vacation, and your luggage managed to be left behind
{thanks to an airline mishap, no doubt}

Would you borrow a pair of panties 
from someone you trusted?

This was a hotly debated topic at our lunch table.

Half of our table said "Sure."
The other half said "Gag."

I'll be honest: I said yes.
If it was my sister or a friend I trusted- I wouldn't think twice.

{Between my recent confession regarding cheese, and this- I may be scaring some of you.}

What would you do?
Grin and bare?
Grin and share?

Merci to La Perla for the photography of these beauties
available at Net a Porter


  1. I would be inspired from these items pictured here and order a few pairs from net-a-porter :)

  2. I would grin and share as long as they looked like these! Happy friday!

  3. Yes, I would grin and share. And, I think I need some of these pretty undies as well! Have a good weekend!!

  4. oh man - a hard one but yeah probably grin and bare it. ugh but that's better than grin and share.

    haha - hilarious question...but hey, it really could happen!

    happy friday!!

  5. absolutely! i have borrowed and lent. as long as they're clean, it's NO big deal! sharing is caring y'all!

  6. Oh, definitely not. I'd go commando until I bought some more.

  7. if they fit and were clean i see no problem. in fact, i think i have done this before. i mean, what else are you going to do?? the question is!! is your friend willing to lend??

  8. Great question! I'll have to go with you and go sister or very close friend. Come to think of it, not even friend. I'm thinking of them right now and I don't think I'd do it. LOL. Sister definitely a yes :)

    Have a happy weekend, sweetie xoxo

  9. Buy new ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't share! eww. Have a lovely weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. HAHA I would just buy new ones or go without I think!!

  11. i would grin and share as long as they were clean and my size...nothing worse than a pair of panties that are too small/big. i'd much rather borrow a washed pair than buy new and wear them never know if someone tried those on before you purchased them and what they were/weren't wearing when they did!

  12. I have borrowed underwear from my sisters, so unfortunately yes :)

    Have a great weekend Lauren!

  13. I would scoot out and purchase new undies.

  14. OK....this is funny. Actually happened to me 2 years ago - 3 friends came to visit and then we headed into the city. Guess who forgot an entire bag. Me! So.....yes, I borrowed/kept a pair of panties from my friend - and promptly bought and replaced them with an identical pair. Felt kind of weird giving them back after wearing!
    xo e

  15. I go without most of the time, so this is something I'm probably safe not worrying about!


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