A Day On The Town

Today was a busy-but-fun day for me...
I'm taking you with me on my Thursday- I hope you're up for it!

Thursday mornings are market days in Oxford.
 I hustled out to meet some friends there- and woah, it was heaven.

It had everything from doughnuts to decanters....
and smoked bacon to silver serving spoons.

From one of the antique stalls,
I bought this marble, table-lighter. 
{I'm not a smoker, but what the heck. It's cool.}

Then I headed down to London 
to take my maiden voyage through the

There is a gorgeous exhibit on the Ballet Russe currently being held
that focuses on composer, Daihgilev & the golden age of Russian Ballet.

We walked and gawked at the amazing pieces for two hours,
until at last we headed to the courtyard in search of some coffee and sunshine.

Eventually, the sun sat down over the "Smoke..."
and left us with this backdrop in the courtyard.

As my friend, Helena, has mentioned- 

I definitely didn't leave empty-handed.


  1. wow - what cool images! stunning, friend!!

  2. That looks like the perfect Thursday. So cool!

  3. ohmygosh, what a lovely day!! That lighter is so cool!! Do you think you could light candles with it? I can't figure out from the pic how it works!?

  4. fabulous views and yummy food!

  5. That glass installation is amazing - I'm guessing it is a Chihuly? And, those donuts look sinfully delicious!

  6. I love Dale Chahuly glass work! I might be inspired to post some of the Dale Chahuly art I've seen.

  7. Love love love the Vic&Alby! Your posts cure my daily craving for london life! xo


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