California Girl I am not...

... But this Texas heat can definitely melt your popsicle.

I'm in need of a summer treat
to help combat the overbearing heat.

With Slurpees are bit underage-
and Margarita's a bit dangerous,
I settle happily in the middle ground:

In my humble opinion,
the best stop for a treat
in the US is
in Nashville, Tennessee.

Flavors are a daily surprise-
but look for favorites such as
tamarind, chocolate raspberry, and rose petal.

Are there any great recipes out there
for a D-I-Y treat?


  1. um, yes please!! The tamarind is my favorite!!

  2. these look incredible!! what fun and what a perfect job. I kind of wish I made delicious popsicles for a living. Spreading smiles around....great blog!! love it. thanks for visiting osh!

  3. I have such memories of hot summers in the South ~ fond and not so fond! But if I would have grown up with a freezer filled with those popsicle perfections, I believe my complaints would have been at a minimum!

  4. my kids would freak to have a freezer full of popcicles like that!!!! yum~!


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