Extended Vacation...

If someone would have thrown me
a welcome home party...

it might have made the transition
from Palm Beach back to reality
a bit easier.

It's harsh downshift
to find myself at the studio
after such a wonderful week of...


eating amazing food...

soaking up sunshine...

staying in a palacial hotel...

& treating myself to whatever I wanted.
{Yes, that meant lots of ice cream!}

However, I'm excited to announce that tomorrow
the talented Beth Dotolo
will be helping us
bring home the vacation setting
with her Souvenir Styling piece.

In a new feature, Beth will be using
inspiration of my travel destinations
and translating them into a home setting
so that we can bring the looks
of our favorite places
home with us.

With a late summer schedule including
Norway, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Ireland, the French Riveira,
Malibu, & England...

We are all in for a treat!


  1. Ohh so excited about the new feature!!

  2. sounds really exciting! and how different!! Love your photos gorgeous!!

  3. Looks & sounds amazing sweetie!

  4. Loving the TB sandals... I am obsessed with mine (navy & white with lobsters!)

  5. Sounds like a fun trip. I have a hard time when I get back from vacation too! Have an ice cream cone, it will make you feel better!


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