Souvenir Stylings: Palm Beach

Hello Aspiring Kennedy readers!

I am Aspiring Kennedy's interior designer and friend, Beth Dotolo! As she travels the globe and dreams of her vacation homes here and there I'm given the task of designing her amazing destination abodes.

And, because Aspiring Kennedy is still... well... aspiring, I get paid in peanuts.
But, it's fun to dream, isn't it??

Since Aspiring Kennedy just traveled to Palm Beach for the 4th of July holiday, I thought I'd help her design her dream vacation home... I'm thinking...

glamorous and chic Palm Beach style...

OR... the quirky and eclectic side of Palm Beach...

OR... the fun, light hearted, and always colorful Palm Beach look...

Which Palm Beach style do you think suits Aspiring Kennedy best??

Aspiring Kennedy's faithful Interior Designer,

Beth Dotolo

*images via The Love List, Elle Decor, Girl World Decor, & Jonathan Adler


  1. I think number 2 and 3 is very Aspiring Kennedy :D

  2. I've only been following Aspiring Kennedy for a few weeks now, but I would have to say "quirky and eclectic!

  3. oh i do LOVE palm beach style! those last two images are my fave for sure

  4. These rooms are so fun. Palm Beach style is so lively!

  5. I like a dose of both, but maybe an extra side of quirky suits her aspirations. I do love that top image with that swell shell sink.

  6. I love, love, love all of the rooms! They are gorgeous and exquisite!

  7. I LOVE that first photo!! Gorgeous. xo

  8. I'm loving photo 1 and 2!!!! xo Elizabeth

  9. I'd say quirky and eclectic, because that's exactly what I think of when I think of Palm Beach. But that bathroom might have me leaning towards glamorous and chic.

  10. Love the green floral wallpaper of the 3rd pic. It contrasts so beautifully with the white.

  11. Number ONE for sure.Glamorous and Chic. Aspiring Kennedy has a taste for luxury and luxury has a taste for her. Period.


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