Fantastic Mr. Friday

Just because I quit my job last week
and have hopped off the 9-5 routing,
doesn't mean I've forgotten 
all my friends in the working world.

Kick off your shoes, pop the cork, and start winding down-

It's Friday!

I'll be out at the lake with family.

What indulgent things will you be unwinding with over the weekend?
{I hope it involves chocolate, celebrity run-ins, and excessive loved ones!}

See you all on Monday morning...


  1. Happy Friday to you too, Lauren! Enjoy the lake! Will

  2. Happy Friday to you! Enjoy your weekend at the lake!

  3. Have a blast at the lake lovely lady! Love the carousel picture! xoxo hugs to you Lauren xoxo

  4. enjoy sweets! im enjoying the greek mountain sun

  5. have a wonderfully regal weekend ladybug! see ya monday! xoxo

  6. Ahhhhh....enjoy the lake and your new found freedom!!! xo Elizabeth

  7. i plan on relaxing as much as possible, this is a down weekend between two big ones so i'm taking worries, it will involve wine (oh and probably chocolate!) have fun at the lake!!

  8. I'm going to the aquarium with the family and having friends over for game night!! Too bad you're at the lake... It's going to be a good time!

  9. Lake of course and only a handful of local celebs....


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