Pop Culture

It's true.

Kellog's executives are hoping to get in with the mid-town junk-food destinations, 
Hersheys and M&M's
and gain some popularity on their branding front.

So what, we all must ask,
will go on at the newly-dubbed
"Pop-Tarts World?"

Apparently, it seems the loonies creative minds have come up with the following:

A "sushi" counter where crumbled pop tarts are
rolled in fruit roll ups...

Specialty flavors are up for grabs
{fabled flavors such as gingerbread and pumpkin pie}...

and don't forget to stop by the in-store cafe
which sells items from their menu such as 

The Fluffer Butter
{marshmallow fluff between two fudge flavored Pop Tarts}

Ants on a Log
{celery with peanut butter and sprinkled bits of a grape Pop Tarts}

oh... and of course,

Sticky Cinna Munchies.
{This one would be cinnamon rolls with brown sugar pop tarts crumbled on top.}

You can also experience
 the dynamic Build-Your-Own Option
where one can choose from
a slew of toppings to have doused over
your packaged pastry of choice.

{Does this sound gross to anyone else?}

This marketing concept,
which is up through January 
when marketing execs decide if it's worth the $1000 per square foot rent,
makes me a little bit queasy...
and a little determined to stay closer to the Upper East.

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  1. Will there be a Tang stand nearby?

  2. even though i don't consider myself a healthy eater (my cupcake love keeps me from having that title), poptarts are just one of those things that i don't eat anymore. they are full of sugar and other artificial junk....i'd rather have a big piece of good quality chocolate. doesn't it seem like maybe changing the formula/nutritional info would go alot further than doing a bang-up marketing campaign? i don't know....that's just my take on it.

  3. I'd eat it. I guess I'm alone on that one...

  4. Couture poptarts? I wonder what they'll think of next. I think I'll stick with the strawberry "originals" from Publix at $2.50 a pack :)

  5. Ugh! As if the world needs more fast food/takeout junk!
    Funny thing is, that all those things sound somewhat tasty... just minus the pop tarts!


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