Friday Funday: Celebrity Style!

Yesterday's post with Ina Garten got me all giddy...
and made me start thinking about good days gone by.

Like when I sat on a ski lift with Harrison Ford,

or how Chuck Norris was my childhood neighbor,

and that I went to highschool with Chace Crawford,
and his dad is still my {amazing} dermatologist.

Oh hey, Jonathan Adler!
I still have high hopes for meeting
Gwyneth & Chris, 
Siena Miller... and Jude Law,
Hugh Grant & Colin Firth,
and of course...
being invited to the Kennedy compound in Cape Cod.

For Friday Funday
let's dish our celeb encounters!
Who have you met & how did it go?

Because seriously, if we can't be famous...
why not live through each other's good fortune?


  1. you have had so many good celebrity encounters. I was on a plane with John McCain this summer!!

  2. This is such a cute post! When I lived in the West Village, I got to brush shoulders with a lot of my celeb neighbors. It was always fun to see these folks out and about... although, I am still waiting for my dream encounter - David Bowie!

  3. I haven't met a true celebrity- a curse of living in the midwest. ;)

  4. Not only did my oldest go to nursery school with Richard Gere and Cary Lowell's son, but RFK, Jr. was an adjunct law professor at my law school, and he lives in this area as well, we see him all the time on the soccer fields! So now I will think of YOU! (Kinda dying over the Chace Crawford dad/Dr. thing!) I met Jonathan and Simon, wish I took a photo, instead I just gushed and made a big fool of myself!

  5. Very exciting and what a great picture! Is your coat Marc Jacobs?

  6. I met Patrick Dempsey while he was racing here in Birmingham, Alabama. I was actually "star struck." I couldn't say a word, so I resorted to grinning like a possum, with no change in expression the whole time. He was completely "McDreamy" and was kind enough to take a picture with me and give me a hug, thanks to my friend who asked him if he would. Sigh...

    I want to meet Gwyneth, too, Lauren. She's my favorite. :)

  7. I have met many a celeb and thank my parents for instilling in me that we are all created equal and to treat all people with kindness and compassion, whatever the stature or position in life. Honestly, many celebs that I have met came from humble beginnings.
    I love the story of Princess Di meeting Mother Theresa and becoming fast friends. She is buried with a rosary and photos of her sons. One who could have anything and the other who could give it all to the poor, both humble humans.

  8. Wow, you've had quite the history of celeb encounters! I used to work with the management staff of a symphony orchestra, so I've met many performing artists: Yo-Yo Ma, Itzak Perlman, Rosemary Clooney and her brother Nick (who looks like George with white hair and is sweet as he can be), Betty Buckley, Bruce McGill, Ben E. King, etc. All very pleasant experiences.

  9. Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley were in our lift in our NY apartment building having visited his brother (a banker!) who lived on our floor. While Liz looked pretty, Hugh was even better looking in person. Also, Richard Gere coaches a little league team in our town but he's not the same in sweats and a baseball hat... cute butt, though!

  10. I've had a few fun celeb encounters.

    When I was 10 I got the meet Ian Ziering (Steve from 90210) and Justine Bateman (Mallory on Family Ties) at a ski race. My sister and I were jumping up and down and screaming. They were very sweet though.

    When I worked at Conde Nast all sorts of celebrities would eat in the cafeteria: The Olsen Twins, Sherry O'Terry, Sienna Miller, and Scarlet Johansson to name a few.

  11. My husband was a professional musician when we lived in I've met/seen almost every country artist there is (or the big ones 5 years ago). Garth Brooks was the nicest...he gave me a bear hug and posed for a pic cheek-to-cheek?!? {awkward much?}

    Oh, and I saw Al Gore at the movies! :)

  12. oh, and if you went to school with must be from my parts of the dallas burbs?!

  13. Since we were both performing at the Kennedy Center I had a very fortunate encounter with Sela Ward (just as breathtaking in person!). I also met B.B. King and Morgan Freeman that evening. As a very young child thanks to my mother's educational program connections I was also able to meet Ronald Reagan, Martin and Charlie Sheen.

    Your encounters sound amazing! Thank you for sharing and allowing some of us to dip back to a few years ago and remember our own brushes with fame.

  14. I do not have the history you do, but Matt Damon running in Kauai.

  15. I wanna jump into that photo with you and JA!

  16. Such cool stories!!! I've met a bunch living in NYC & also through my job. Best ever encounter was happening upon Ashton Kutchers bday party a few years ago at Gemma in NYC. Ashton, Demi, Bruce, Lucy Liu, Kate Hudson, Salma Hayek, Sean William Scott and the biggie, best celebrity encounter EVER. MADONNA!

    And Bruce Willis was just the coolest ever. Totally suave went to leave the restaurant but noticed paparazzi outside and his car wasn't ready. He came up right behind me {actually was standing pressed against me} at the bar and ordered a vodka ginger heavy on the ginger. The bartender poured him the drink. He took one sip, peeled a $100 bill off of his wad of cash, placed it on the bar and left. He paid a hundred bucks for a sip of ginger ale! Suavest move ever. Oh and he was dressed in a suit. Yeah that cool :)

  17. To be honest, I dare not even compete with your celeb-meeting-greatness, but here goes. Kathleen Turner lived in our building in NYC and we used to ride the elevator up/down with her. For some odd reason, I have bumped into Angela Lansbury a number of times. (I had a running date with Murder, She Wrote growing up). I've also got a darling picture tucked away somewhere with Andrew Firestone when he was the 'Bachelor". But, my honest to goodness highlight was meeting Jan Showers. She is to interior design what Ina is to cooking. I have such admiration for her work and her style.

    But, that's it. I'm needing some Aspiring Kennedy good luck!!
    xoxo E

  18. how awesome girl!

    well let's see.. ha ive met shaq and Dwayne wade.. which doesn't thrill me that much but did my hubby who DIDN'T get to meet them. haha hmm i thought there was another one.. but i guess whoever it was wasn't that big of a deal. :) love reading who everyone has met.

  19. loved this post 'cause im a total sucker for celebrity run-ins!

    living in chicago was the best cuz of my handful of celebrity run-ins. my tops were jennifer hudson, shia labeuof and patrick dempsy (the last two are recent ones and im still swooning over them!).

    happy weekend, friend!

  20. 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon? So last century.

    6 degrees of Chuck Norris, totally today!

    (One of his nephews was my student back in the day when I taught at the university.)

    But my favorite celeb moment was sitting next to Tony Bennett in a teeeeeeny Italian joint in NYC. I believe he was dining with a female companion other than his wife.

    I was in junior high/high school. But I'm such a nerd that I totally knew him as he came to squish next to me on the velvet squabs of the booth. :)


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