Garten of Eatin'

Yesterday was an unforgettable day in London.

In sunny weather, we toured 
The Tower of London...
and before our dinner reservations 
decided to squeeze in a spin on the London Eye.

As we approached the London Eye,
what did I spy?

Five minutes of bliss chatting with the lovely dame de domestication, Ina Garten

The one & only 
Ina Garten,

Please, at this moment, 
pause & consider 
the Aspiring Kennedy's two loves in life...

Luxe Northeastern Living 
 {Hampton homesteads  flocked with hydrangeas and marble countertops}
{made with butter & herbs that remind you of summers spent overseas}

When Ina Garten steps into the kitchen,
these two worlds collide...
and we're all better because of it.

If you & I were to sit down for coffee
together this morning,
I would spew off 20 minutes
of intense-but-scattered-dialogue of
how amazing it was to talk to
Ina, her cutie director, & amazingly generous producer...
and how I have no doubt
we could all be the best of friends.

But I won't put you through that.

Instead, I'll simply tell you this:
there are things in the works for later
regarding Ms. Ina Garten.

And I can't wait to get them 
to all my sweet friends at 
Aspiring Kennedy!


  1. aaaw so cute Lauren!!! Happy for you darling!! xo

    I am so green right now, I'm right in between
    chartreuse and olive.
    I'm so glad you're having the most amazing experience there!

  3. ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod i am SO SO SO jealous!! such a sweet pic! i saw her friend stephen who's always on her show at the atlanta airport last year and freaked out. can't imagine what i would do if i saw her!

  4. How exciting!! If you have time head over to Bumpkin in Notting Hill and/or South Kensington! The food is soooo good. Cheers.

    xoxo Kendall

  5. I love that snap of you all. P.S. How chic is your brown leather bag? Errrm, VERY!

  6. No you did *not*! How absolutely wonderful and awe-mazing. Seriously, I would have been awestruck in her presence. Ina strikes me as such a down-to-earth personality, which is part of her appeal. It's fantastic to hear you were able to meet her!

    PS-Love your shoulder bag.

  7. oh how fun!!! sounds like an amazing day. such a cute picture, too!!

  8. ahhhhh. Can you SENSE my jealousy from over here in canada? Because it's radiating.
    So. Fun!

  9. First time visiting your blog - very lovely! I live in Cambridge (USA) and just visited Oxford this summer. :) Will check back often!

  10. I am insanely jealous. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I flip on some DVRed episodes of Barefoot Contessa and just soak in all of Ina's loveliness! Congrats to you on such a fabulous random encounter! :)

  11. Someone's in the kitchen (no make that LONDON) with Ina.....
    Wonderful! I bet she recognized you right away!

  12. What a wonderful run-in! I heart her (and London!).

  13. So cute. Funny that I'm reading this as I'm watching her.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  14. I just watched her show on Monday and thought she must be such a delightful person. Lucky gal!

  15. lucky lucky girl!!!!! how was she in person! i want to hear all about it! i just adore her!

  16. How wonderful and how cute you all look! If you have a chance check out Ottolenghi while you're there.


  17. Shut the front door!!! You lucky lady! Seriously I adore her. I've always dreamt of running into her in the Hamptons but it's never happened. You have London and Ina in one. I can't even tell u how envious I am :)

    Oh and most def a Blogger in Paris meet up! xoxo

  18. I LOVED the Tower of London Tour! I thought it was really cool. Sounds like a perfect day!

    xo, cass

  19. I've never heard of Ina Garten, but she looks lovely. Glad you are having a fab time in London!

  20. OMG - I die! I have each and every Barefoot book and was a frequent visitor to her store in Easthampton. So jealous you got to chat with her on a lovely day in London!

  21. way to work it Lauren! how awesome is this.

  22. How exciting!!! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us : )

  23. NO WAY! GET OUT! OMG!!!!! I truly think that I would fall over if Ina was right in front of me. I know you're having an amazing time abroad...but that is the tops for me. Love it!!!

  24. Just stumbled across your blog and am loving it! Can't wait to read more =)

  25. You lucky girl - I'm so envious! Ina is divine. I want her kitchen, her house, cooking skills, etc. :) Love that she's wearing her traditional touch-of-color scarf with her black attire. On a different note, may I ask where you got your handbag, or who makes it? Love it!

  26. How awesome is that!!!! She is adorable!

  27. How fun for you, lucky girl. Ina is the greatest.

  28. What fun! Also, I love you're bag!! So cute!

  29. Ina... I'm so jealous!! That's so awesome!

  30. that's amazing! her show is one of the only shows that actually makes me drool at the TV. congrats to you!!


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