Skype-day Night

It's been a long week.

What a better way to round out the week
than with a impromptu skype date
with my friend, Beth?

long distance relationship at it's best.
spooky scary
skype loves to freeze up on less attractive sides

After looking at these screenshots,
I can't help but think of 
the scene in 
my most favorite movie ever
Mean Girls
when they have the 


I love chatting on Skype.
Isn't it just so... fetch?


  1. ahh I love love love Skype! We use it to keep in contact with my family back in Italy. Love it! and yes, the freeze-ups are extremely annoying!

  2. I love this post!! The second best thing to Lauren in real life... Skype!!

  3. Hahaha I loved watching Mean Girls! The first time after we saw it, my friends and I added "so fetch" to our vocabulary!

  4. "Mean Girls" is such a good movie. Skype is certainly our family friend~it's how we keep in touch with our family at home. God bless this little online creation. Have a wonderful English weekend!



    PS-How was Stratford-upon-Avon?

  5. My BFF and I have been long distance for...oh dear, the number is so shockingly high I almost gasped. In fact I'm pretty sure I did gasp. And maybe I blacked out just a little.

    What was I writing? Oh yes, I miss my bestie but chat/IM transcripts from college can't compete with the skype stills.

  6. I always feel the need to apply lipstick, comb my hair before I "skype!"

  7. hilarious! so fetch... i think i need to pop in mean girls this week.. it will help me remember what lindsay lohan was like pre insanity


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