Estate Planning

He enjoys true leisure
who has time to 
improve his soul's estate.

Henry David Thoreau

Today, I'm headed to London with my husband
and enjoying a day away from blogging.

We'll be visiting Westminster Abbey 
and chowing down on some scrummy Indian food
next to the British Museum.

{Maybe you should do the same. It might be nice to get something extra accomplished!}


  1. Have a wonderful time! I never get tired of seeing pictures of Jackie as a young mother; I don't think I have ever seen that one before, it is lovely.

  2. I think I'll take you up on that! Have a great day!

  3. i love love love this pic of jackie kennedy ! she was such a beautiful and inspiring woman.
    btw: i like your header, and your whole blog a lot!
    wishes and kisses,
    sabrina from

  4. I continue to live vicariously through you!!! Have a wonderful day!
    xo Elizabeth

  5. aw have so much fun, friend!!!!

    happy thursday. :)

  6. Can I come? HA! Sounds like a perfectly lovely day!

  7. such a lovely picture. have a great day, try and make one of the royal guards flinch!

  8. What a wonderful day trip for you both! I know you'll enjoy refurbishing the estate of your soul. Have a lovely trip to Westminster.



    PS-I love pictures of Jackie with her children. This one with Caroline is very precious~a quiet moment between mother and daughter.

  9. oooh, have fun in London, hun!

  10. happy travels dearie...see you back soon and happy gorging on the indian food as well! =)

  11. thanks for your comment back :)
    okay it is off-topic here, but i don't know where else i could answer you :P
    I didn't wrote in my post about something important, i only wrote down 2 thoughts about the outfit.
    first thought: I have to wear a plaid shirt again as soon as possible !
    second thought: I would really love to own a louis vuitton speedy bag! :)
    that's it, i hope i could help you.
    and by the way: i really like your blog, i will stop over here more often in the future ! :)
    okay, now i wrote nearly a novel haha :D )
    wishes and kisses, sabrina


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