Friday Funday: Dilemma of the Decade.

It's fairly common to have
heroes in history & pop-culture
branded into our minds.

For instance, 
I have a {slight} fixation on 
The Kennedys.

It's because of this adoration,
I'm left looking at life
through a 1960's lens.

For Friday Funday,
I'm throwing out this question:

What decade would you pick to spend your twenties in?

Do you dream of Daisy in Gatsby's days?
Do you revel in Rosie the Riveters war time ways?
Would you sing like Sandy of Summer Nights as a girl?
Or did Madonna model the mood that you feel?


  1. Let's see...I spent my 20s in most of the 90s, carrying over a tad into the next millenium. So, I would certainly prefer a time when Facebook and camera phones weren't rampant (how glad am I that both things weren't invited while I was in college??). I think the 1920s would have been kick - great clothes, lots of dancing and champagne (if you could afford it).

  2. What a great post! The Kennedys are so fascinating and that is a great photo. I think the 1920s or the 1950s would be amazing. I believe Rebel without a Cause came out in the 50s and I have a slight obsession with James Dean! :) I'm not too fond of the 80s although I have a forever unfulfilled dream to meet Freddie Mercury or to see him in concert, so that would have been amazing. :)

    Great post, left me deep in thought!
    Have a wonderful weekend. ♥

  3. I'm pretty sure I've seen Grease a few too many times, but I think the late 50s. But the 60s are interesting too, maybe....but then again the 70s could have been fun. I was 20 in 1995...blah. I spent my early 20s in flannel shirts and angst filled music.

  4. I'd love the 60s. I'm a hippie at heart.

  5. Either the Roaring 20s - love how they partied! Or the 1960s a al Jackie K! But, I must say, Women's Right weren't at the top of the agenda during either time, so honestly, I think I was born in the right era!!!

    xoxo E

  6. i would say the 20's as well for the clothing, hair, dancing, and parties. but, i always wanted to play Rizzo in high school if we were ever allowed to do the musical. we were not, but i would have made a fantastic Pink Lady.

  7. I think I would either try to spend it in the 60s or the 20s! Possible the 20s, it would be a lot of fun! :)

    I do love love love The Great Gatsby to death!

  8. I would spend my 20s in the 20s, for sure! The fabulous clothes, the fun, the rebellion! I'd be a flapper with out doubt.

  9. for sure the 60's or 70's - love the clothes, the music- the vibe. i would have probably died young from major drug use though- ha! maybe victorian times- i love the ornate dresses and have always dreamt about living in a period piece.

  10. Hi Lauren,
    So nice to meet you the other night, and wasn't the veunue great?
    In answer to your question, I would choose the fifties. Oh to dress like Grace Kelly and marry a real live prince!
    Have a great weekend. x

  11. I'm torn between the 20's and the early 60's (a la Kennedey and Mad Men) but am leaning more to the independent flapper girl... Love the fashions and cocktails from both decades, though! Happy weekend!

  12. I'm still in my 20s but I would like to see what it was like in the 60s and 70s!

  13. definitely the late 60s/early 70s! love that time period. not sure if i would have been a true "dead head" but for sure a hippie :)

  14. The 65-75 would be my favorite time. I am a hippie at heart and feel I would have been a band follower and a war protester. I think I might have been much cooler in that time period

  15. Definitely the 1960s. I was just telling my fiance the other day that I grew up in the wrong decade.

  16. This is such a great question...I think I would say the 60's, but there is something fun about the 50's and classic about the style of the 40's! :)

    Liesl :)

  17. I would model my life after Mary Richards on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I would have to have her apartment with Rhoda as my neighbor.

  18. The 1930s, but only if I could be a ridiculously wealthy-yet-zany madcap heiress dating Cary Grant or Clark Gable. Otherwise, the 1960s... A single career girl trying to make it in the big city, but only until she meets her Rock Hudson. Sigh...

  19. What a lovely image...
    One of those timeless and iconic couples in history:)

    Luv them...I could only wish they had a life less tragic.

  20. I wanna go to Paris with Hemingway and drink and write fabulous novels :)

  21. I think my vote is for a Gatsby era...or maybe the you think we will be able to look back on 2010 through the same romantic lens one day? What a fun post!

  22. Part of me adores the 50's, and then "now" seems just right.
    I do love looking back, ahead and then just living in the present!

  23. I'll slide right in next to Jack circa this picture, thank you - probably looking just as good as Jackie with that hat, but I still love her. (Would prefer not to have to go back to my twenties, tho!)


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