Gwyneth Paltrow: Aspiring Parton?

My initial reaction to Gwyneth Paltrow
dipping her toes into the country music scene was,
to be frank,
a bit defensive.... 

Yes, this Texas girl got a little riled up 
thinking about that Nordic-ish-New-York-City girl
parading around at the CMAs...

Then I realized that my blog is named
Aspiring Kennedy...
and maybe it's not too harmful 
to want to play dress up in another world,
 far away from the land you live in.

Suddenly, my feelings for GP at the CMA's
moved from prickly to pudding.

I mean, afterall...
it does take a lot of courage to debut your talent 
standing up in front of the industry's best.

And she actually did great. 
Look how cute she is!

And not just anyone could pull of that flesh-bearing Versace toga gown.

{Thank you, vegan-shake detox diets & personal trainer, Tracey Anderson.}

And besides,
it's probably inevitable that after so many years of us being best friends,
my Dallas roots would start to rub off on her...

Watch the performance here, and weigh-in below...



  1. not bad at all! I have been wanting all day to hear it and what can I say? I kind of liked it! Just like when I love Reese on Walk the Line! Can these women do wrong?!

  2. I think she did a good job and it was brave. I just have trouble swallowing that because of who she is she can come in and close a show that's such an honor for hard working musicians. Being the other half of a Country musician who works with many of the people in the country music academy it's a tad discouraging. But I give her props for putting it out there and to quite a large extent pulling it off.

    Oh and I'm so happy for Miranda Lambert. She deserved all of her accolades!

  3. I'm not sure about the blue dress...but I'm loving the black one. It's funny...she's kind of one of those people you want to be annoyed with...but then she just seems so damn sweet that you end up on her side.

  4. Thought she was great. I was so nervous for her but after she got going, she really warmed up. Love her.

  5. she did awesome! and plays the guitar too....and man, i wish i have her legs!!!

  6. haha love your take on this as always! can't wait to see her on glee!!

  7. I saw a commercial for her debut and had to do a double take. Thanks for posting the video, as I don't watch CMT!

  8. I just love her. Period. Love her. Don't care what she dabbles in.

  9. You're too funny! But i do think that GP did quite an admirable job - maybe her husband prepped her!

  10. I think she did pretty good and I love her all around.

    Thanks for sending your (and Helena's) love from London. Totally made my night!!

  11. This is so weird but I love her and her hubby so I love it :)

  12. It was the first CMA show I ever watched - just to catch Gwynnie and she did a fantastic job! I like her singing! She can do no wrong in my book!

  13. Wow! I actually really, really liked it! Mind you, I love everything "country" and don't need much convincing. I looovvveee your blog! x Lucy

  14. I was actually really surprised to like it...a lot! It helped how adorable she was; how she looked like she was really having fun.

  15. I read that she gained 20 pounds for her role as the alcoholic country singer and that afterward, Tracy really worked her behind off. Although, I think 20 lbs. on Gwennie would look somewhat healthy - she got a little too thin there for a while. But, if I could rock a gown like that, I would seriously consider becoming a vegan. :)

  16. I just like the fact that she is like a chameleon, she can play so many parts.
    Now her legs are lovely and her voice too. Let's hear it for the "country strong!"

  17. Interesting post and I have to say I watched the CMA's and was curious to see how Gwyneth would do because as you said near the end of your post, it does take some courage to go up there a debut a new talent live, and I thought she did well, and was impressed that she was playing too...I think it was better than I had expected! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Liesl :)

  18. She sings live better than Taylor Swift. Vince Gil can make anyone sound good. Almost anyone. Not his wife, Amy Grant. Don't know how Amy Grant made it so far.

  19. GP is the kind of gal that makes me think I should be putting a little more effort into living. The girl has basically done it all - and she still isn't resting on her laurels.

    I think she sang incredibly well - and she still has her anticipated appearance on Glee this week!


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