A Legend Amongst Mortals

My friend Laura from Something Legit is back
with her swoon worthy series:
Alluring Kennedy.

Today she is singing us the sweet praises of Mr. John Legend.


John, lull me with your sweet melodies

Can't you just imagine yourself in a John Legend montage?

running through the park,
eating ice cream cones,
riding tandem bikes?

. . . . .

{Oh, I passed out. I'm back.}

What a dream!

No woman would ever resist taking a guy like this one home. 


Look at that face...

Save room for my love, Mr. Legend.
You are an Alluring Kennedy with a lot of class.


  1. Just saw his Wake Up! video over the weekend - definitely swoon-worthy! He's such a class act and what style...

  2. Okay he was on Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday in a peacoat and tie....be still my heart. Seriously, look for a screenshot somewhere.

  3. a guy like that with a voice like that....ahhhh.

  4. Oh, I love, love him. He's my "go to" music while working!

  5. i never realized what a babe he is until today!

  6. Holly, I've got to find that Dancing With The Stars Screen shot!

  7. oh you make me laugh....and thanks for all the coolness of John Legend. He has serious style and that x factor that makes him walk on air:)


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