Water Works

I'm not a celebrity.
 I'm just an Aspiring Kennedy.

My days of paid endorsements are still far out.

Maybe someday I'll be as cool as Ms. Aniston
and get my mug on a Smart Water campaign.

I think I'd be good at talking about water...
because I really like it.

In fact, I drink it everyday...
but it's nothing I want to keep exclusive.

That's why when I saw this initiative
to build this water well-
I got excited.

These precious students have donated $3800 towards a $5000 goal.

And it made me think:
if students can do that,
what could bloggers like us do?

If half of the people that visit Aspiring Kennedy today
250 people will have a water well.

That means those people can drink clean water,
which means they won't get sick as often,
which means their children won't be as prone to childhood death,
... and all that means: their lives will better.

What will $5 mean for me?
1'll have one less cream tea this week.

If you are a blogger and donate to this water well,
let me know, I'll give you a month of free advertising.

Because if I can't be a poster child,
I'd be happy to have you be one in my place.


  1. Its so weird you would post this. Just yesterday the BF and I were discussing some christmas charity, and we were talking about another organization that for something like $7 builds a well, which can serve up to 300 people... I am so in on this! Heading over now! I will join you as well.. on my blog!

  2. Super super super awesome idea! :)
    I will be looking at the website right after I comment! Even if one person gave a dollar it would make such a difference!
    I also will probably do a post on this as well! :)


  3. Not only am I a water drinker but I'm also known to turn on the waterworks! I've just donated and tweeted about this charity, too! Bloggers unite - yeah!

  4. I love that you did this. Such a good cause. Going now to donate...

  5. Wow, what a great cause - especially since I'm a water drinker (and I'm talking lots of water!) I feel inspired by your post - I'm heading over to donate!!

  6. I love water!

    all jokes aside... you're doing a great thing. I'll be donating.

  7. Great idea! I just finalized my donation!

    Everyone deserves clean water!

  8. Just donated! This is so great!! I agree...everyone deserves clean water!

  9. Bloggers unite! Donated last night. I've really been into the United Nations' MDGs with the kids at school, so this was the *perfect* post.

  10. Just donated! Great post. Glad I could be a part of it.

  11. You inspired me to give up that Pumpkin Spice latter for a good cause ;o) Thanks for the beautiful reminder! Just donated!

  12. What an awesome idea!!! Love the pics in the post too.

  13. LOVE ME SOME COLD WATER! I donated my $5 cuz I love your blog and dig your style! So happy to participate!

  14. and don't even get me started on water works tile...:) xo

  15. This really moved me. I've just spent the last 20 minutes listening to Scott's presentation in Omaha. My uncle was a surgeon on the USS Sanctuary from Texas - a precursor to the Mercy Ships.

    I think you may be starting a movement. So happy to be a part of it!

  16. I came over from Helena's blog and am glad I discovered this! I just donated and hope that out efforts help!


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