Missoni Impossible.

Did you know that there is a 
Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh?

Oh you did, did you?

Well, thanks a lot for letting me know!

Because I lost my cool 
{in a really bad, Bieber-fever-school-girl, way} 
when I was walking the streets of Scotland...

and stumbled upon a doorman standing in a Missoni kilt.

It was just too much happiness without warning.

The breeding of two great loves-
fashion & travel...

is a concept so gorgeous,
I can hardly wrap my mind around it.

And with rooms starting at $239.00...
neither can my friend, Stephanie!

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  1. On my list! How cool is that!!!

  2. oh my! he is actually wearing a missoni kilt! how cute!

  3. How fabulous!! That's a pretty hip looking doorman - and Stephanie looks excited about it (or is it him) as well! Have a great holiday!

  4. how fun!!

    and i laughed out loud at "lost my cool - in a bieber-fever school girl" kind of way. (my sister is obsessed with bieber so i know what that looks like! ha!)

    love it!

  5. Need to go there and loved your post- too funny!

  6. Yes, that could very well be Heaven. Love it!


  7. You gotta stay at a place where the male hotel staff wear Missoni kilts and are easy on the eyes. :)

  8. Are you KIDDING (I mean KILTING) me?!!!!! I would lose my Missoni mind!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  9. This hotel looks like heaven. Missoni heaven. That bedroom? Perfection!!! Thanks for sharing the goodness


  10. I stayed there last year...it is Missoni paradise!!! The design is perfect down to the Missoni bath products. Plus the location is super convenient. I vote for more Missoni hotels in the world!

  11. I can't believe I got so lucky and found your blog; I'm considering studying in Oxford this summer. I am a new follower now - I've never been to Europe, so hopefully I can learn a little through your blog! :)



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