Souvenir Stylings: Canary Islands

Hello again!

Beth Dotolo, from Hello, Splendor, here... 
Aspiring Kennedy's faithful interior designer.

Do you remember how faithful??

Yes, that's right, so faithful...
 I work for free!

Well, Mr. & Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy
are back from a brief jet set
to the Canary Islands.

For this souvenir styling edition, 
I wanted to give them a small reminder
of their blissful getaway!
Not everything has to be so literal...

So, we're introducing a hint of canary yellow! 

Let's give them just a pop...

A hint to remind them of their quick trip to the Canary Islands...

Because don't we all need 
a small reminder
of our escapes?

How do you keep your vacation alive 
when you come back to the real world?

Aspiring Kennedy's 
Faithful Interior Designer,

Beth Dotolo


  1. photos help, little remnants, reciepts of favorite spots and perhaps a souvenir.

  2. i love all the splashes of canary in these images!

    have a beautiful tuesday, friend!

  3. Excellent picks, Beth! Just what I needed to see on this cold UK day!

  4. What a fun and clever way to relive their trip. I could use some canary color and some Canary Islands. Oh, to be the Aspiring Kennedys!!!
    xo elizabeth

  5. Looove all the hints of yellow:) Beautiful examples beth, and a clever way to carry on the trip!

  6. bright and beautiful, love yellow so absolutely delighted today

  7. perfect pops of colour! love it!

  8. The first image contains my dream it! Happy Sunny Yellow!

    Welcome back!

  9. We always seem to pick up a holiday ornament wherever we go - that way, we can remember the fun while trimming the tree! Welcome back to cool and gray...

  10. Hi,

    love your yellow inspiration pictures!
    (Got them mailed from Concrete Jungle for consideration for the Palazzo)
    Now I am here to see myself.

    BTW, still waiting for you to stop by on your yacht for lunch ;-)


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