Alluring Kennedy: Hugh Dancy

*The hilarious and hip, Laura, of Something Legit is back.
And thank goodness: she's educating us on a new Alluring Kennedy... Mr. Hugh Dancy*

Oh Hugh, my English Muffin! 

Can we say:

A cutie?

Just a regular bloke?

Wears a suit better than most mortal men?

image source

  (I have dropped the G for dramatic effect)

This last look is fatal.

 I would have done a double take and then fainted in the street.

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  1. Yeah, that last photo is killer. Whew, he's nice eye candy. Claire Danes is a lucky lady to have him as her hubby. :)

  2. This was an excellent post! I think I will stop by Something Legit for more of this wit...

  3. I am at a loss of words. O.M. yes!!!!!!

  4. he's beautiful, i love him. he's such a knight in shining armor and etc.
    i cant believe he's marrying claire danes, she is sooo bland. are they already married? hmph.
    (ps, love your new header/layout! its been a while since i have visited)

  5. stop. it. please. i. cannot. breathe.

  6. i've given your blog an award over at my

  7. Nothing like a gorgeous guy in a white shirt and blazer paired with jeans to start the day off right. Delicious!

  8. Oh yes - just my type!!. Lucky Claire Danes!!

  9. Holy smokes, that second picture left me weak in the knees-and I'm sitting down!

  10. I LOVE Hugh Dancy! :)
    Gosh! You've got me grinning now from seeing that last picture!
    Oh My!


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