Krafting My Return

Last night I flew home to England.

After electrical problems in the cock-pit,
right engine failure while galloping down the runway,
a passenger having a diabetic seizure that led to
paramedics rushing on board,
and a blind woman having a panic attack and jumping ship 
on our grim looking flight...

AA #78 took off 4 hours late.

But alas- I'm now in Oxford now with
 Mr. Aspiring Kennedy.
{and he's still as handsome as always}

Now I'm unpacking my souvenirs
which look a little like this...

What can I say?
I'm a simple girl at heart.

Four months was a long time without some
 high-sodium, processed, canned food.

Bring it on.

What comfort companions 
would you bring along with you?


  1. In a complete and total panic I might have consumed all those in addition to the 5 bags of Ketchup and Dill Pickle potato chips (i know how much you love chips...hehe), cinnamon spread, and mccain deep and delicious cake. It would be a hot mess.

    So glad you made it home alive!!


  2. That lineup is awesome. I hope there's some Velveeta hiding behind there for queso! Unfortunately that's a staple in my diet. Sounds like a dramatic return back to the UK...glad you make it back in one piece :)

  3. I would absolutley bring ketchup, macaroni and cheese, ramen noodles, and potato chips! your choices look great :)

  4. mac and cheese alllllll day long. oh and your flight sounds horrific. glad you made it back safely.

  5. Oh awesome! You feel so satisfied and appreciative after you return from a trip! Beautiful blog! <3 your posts!

  6. Hahaha good idea! Look, you can't blame a girl for needing her comforts, right? :) xoxo

  7. Mac and cheese and ramen for sure :-)

  8. Ruffles potato chips and french onion dip would be on my list!

  9. oh yum!!! i love lots of candy when i travel - oh and gum. :) i also love my some chex mix...something salty.

    welcome back!!

  10. Nutella and chocolate chip cookies--breakfast of champions.

  11. I LOVE Jiffy corn muffin mix! :)
    I dont' know if I eat much more processed food on a normal basis besides Bread and Cheese and Pasta!

  12. Oh dear - what a dreadful flight - but at least you made it safely back - that's what counts! I'm a salt girl so chips are my weakness - but they don't travel so well. I guess my second choice would be salted nuts!

  13. Ranch dip mix, rotel and fritos are always top of my list when I come back! Nect time you are in London check out Partridges (there is one in Sloane Sq and one on Gloucester Road) because they have a great variety of American foods!

  14. Flying used to be so glamorous.
    You should open up a shop there, You cannot be the only one with such an taste for some of those delicacies. Mine would be country ham, grits and black-eye gravy. The eggs are universal.
    Glad you made it home with some home goods.

  15. ooh I so feel you, when I go back home I bring a ton of food I miss here!

  16. i would be that woman having a panick attack asking to get off after all that! this is odd but if i was living abroad, i'd have to bring back a can of Tony's Chachere. when i lived in NYC, you used to not be able to find RoTel there so i brought that back w/ me before...but now you can find it there. my friends up there had never had RoTel/Velvetta, which i loved as a teen but not so much now.

  17. Hello,
    I want to thank you for stopping by and for your nice comment! I am glad I discovered your blog! I have added your blog on my blogroll and subscribed to your beautiful blog!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    PS You look so beautiful!!!

  18. No Rotel? For four months? I would DIE.

  19. i almost peed my pants laughing when i saw the jiffy cornbread mix and cans of rotel. those are major staples in our pantry. no wonder you stocked up!!!

  20. those are hilarious!!! where'd you eat while you were home?!? comfort food at Garden Cafe? Mexican at Mi Cocina? Hope you had a great trip!

  21. haha that looks like the perfect "from home" souvenir set :) love it, hope you enjoy!


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