I'm Scheming Tonight...

It's December 1.

The thinking cap is on.
The french press is brewing.
The pen & spiral are open.

It's go time.

I have 38 people to buy presents for this year.
{Our families are like rabbits, I tell ya.}

So this morning, I sit...
And I browse.

Thinking of the perfect gift...

- for him.

- for her.

- for them.

I'll be facing the English store fronts
in the snow with endless coffee in my hand.

...but I'd love some help from you to keep me in the cozy indoors.

Where is your go-to online resource for the perfect gift???

I'll share my favorite with you:
Nest Dallas
It's quirky, fun, & the website always has great gift ideas!


  1. buy the way, if you buy anything online remember to use www.topcashback.co.uk i'll send you an invite now xoxo

  2. oooooh i'm going to have to check that site out. i need to finish my own list of gifts to buy!

  3. just checked out nest dallas - thank you! its perfect for so many gifts. 38 sounds like a lot - i only have 15 and i thought that was bad. good luck girl!! xoxo kendall

  4. Thanks for the link- always looking for new places to spend money:) I feel the stress of crazy amounts of gift purchasing as well but now it will somehow all get done. Good luck with your hunt!

  5. topcashback is awesome, defo take Helena's advice on that one!

    P.S. Your new look is SMOKIN' HOT!

  6. 38 gifts! you have lots of shopping ahead girlfriend!

    take a peek at my gift guide! http://bit.ly/edJ3wz.. its all stuff you can order online!

    otherwise I have been drooling over the rock paper scissors shop lately.

    good luck!

  7. nest dallas is great - just did a quick check. obviously depends who you are buying for but between apple, j. crew, iomoi and jonathan adler, I get quite a bit done! Oh - and William Wayne in NY - but not sure if they would ship to you.

  8. Since you're across the pond and paying in pounds, you should definitely look at Not On The High Street's website - so many unique, quirky and fun things that I haven't seen in the US! Shipping them is another story...

  9. Love quitessence's picks above - also love itunes and skull candy for tween boys. Legos for little boys. (see a trend here?) Molton Brown has great discounts and free shipping right now - love their products for friends and family.

    Good luck!
    xo elizabeth

  10. Etsy has been my go to this holiday season. Well, mostly for myself. :) ahhaha!!! Some AMAZING flower bib necklaces for cheap, those floral crocheted head wraps, etc. I'm obsessed currently, so I've spent alot of time adding things to my favorites. :)

  11. As a fellow Dallas-ite in London, I will be spending several hours today hunkered down with a cup of coffee and ordering as much as I can on Amazon/Target/Nordstrom .coms and having it shipped to my parents' house so that I don't have to schlep it home!

    But the hubs and I are going to go out and do some little gift shopping at all the big department stores because I want to see all the window displays! My favourite place to pick up little stocking stuffers is Fortnum and Mason.

    Also, I am sure that you have been told but just in case- the January sales in London are nothing short of AMAZING. We usually just do stockings for each other for Christmas and then go a little nuts in January! Because unlike Dallas, you will need real winter clothes for months after Christmas instead of weeks.

    Hope your first Chrsitmas season in England is lovely.


  12. One of our favorite gifts last year were gift cards to food spots. Treats that can be used any time of year are always a nice surprise. I also love hand-made items found on etsy. I usually try to give my art. People always love it. What about British music or english tea?

  13. Loving online museum stores right now...will check out your link for sure! Love how things are looking over here...enjoy the snow!:)

  14. love nest dallas. Etsy is great of course. my "it never fails" go to is nordstrom. might snow in oklahoma next week! already! enjoy the snow.


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