Christmas Countdown: Baby Talk!

All my friends have babies.

Or are in the process of birthing them.
{like literally... due at any second!}

I couldn't be more excited
for these little ones to be around...
the more the merrier, right?

But all this means,
my shopping list
has plenty of the PG crowd to consider...

From baby to big kid-
here are some fresh picks 
that will keep you on 
your munchkin's "Nice" list...

Ruka Ruka Custom Birth Day Print {girl shown}/ £25.00 Salvador Dali coloring book- Nest Dallas/ $8.95
Airflow Collectibles, Sky King Plane- Gilt Groupe/ $300.00 Trumpettes Nordic Baby Socks {3 pairs}, Gilt Groupe/ $11.00
Baby Life glass bottle {pink}/ $14.49


  1. I'm in the same situation! Everyone is having babies! I love your list of baby gifts. I'll definitely have to use some of them.

  2. I ditto Bruce....a Dali coloring book....I want to be a baby again!
    (which seems pretty surreal!) I love babies and baby bumps.

  3. Love this list for kiddies- I just bought a Charley Harper colouring book for my daughter and love this Dali son would adore that airplane ride- so many good things out there for kids these days! PS- love your new look- fabulous! xo

  4. Those Nordic baby socks are sooooooo adorable!

  5. the salvador dali coloring book is such a good find! plus i love the new blog photo!! xoxo kendall

  6. Oh, I wish that bottle was around when my kids were babies. That's so cool! Perhaps I need to give one to my SIL who is expecting.

  7. So loving those Nordic booties - do they make them for big kids like me??

  8. For someone without a little one (yet!), you sure know your stuff!!!! Great, hip picks - as always!

    xo Elizabeth

  9. so perfect! thanks for the list :)

  10. LOVE the Dali coloring book!!
    p.s. loving the new blog design.

  11. These are all really cute! Makes me want another one but then I remember pregnancy and change my mind! LOL!

  12. what a great the coloring book! miss olivia can't wait to meet her aunt lauren, although you wouldn't think she wanted to meet any of us since she is still just chillin in the womb!

  13. Great collection! I love shopping for babies/ if only some more of my friends would start having them!

  14. Lots of fun ideas...the world is a very creative place when it comes to offspring!

  15. Nice gift suggestions...

    It is actually fun to shop for the little ones...
    Their things are so cute and adorable:)


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