Kennedy Family Heritage

Whether you inherited a rich history, 
or have created one for future generations-
isn't it amazing to be a part of a story bigger than yourself?

Having your mom's crooked toes,
inheriting your grandfather's passion for science,
or a French last name that has forever left you a Francophile...

And obviously, being named after someone is a fantastic way to continue a legacy.

My parent's didn't name me for 6 weeks.
{which I think is hilarious.... yes, I am the middle child}

but when they did, my middle name came from this man, Landon Saunders.
{Who's incredible... and later officiated our wedding ceremony}.

Were you named after anyone, 
or did you name your child after someone special?

These family trees are pretty way to keep your predecessors legacy in a prominent position...
unless you are already doing that with Aunt Tina's nose.

*image source 1 - 2 - 3 -  4 - 5


  1. Hmmm my middle name was my moms first name, and they just liked the first name Anna, they thought it was versatile...but it actually is a family name!

  2. My name is Tara (after gone with the wind) and my middle name is Lauren after lauren Becall!

  3. I wasn't named after anyone in particular. My mom picked Elizabeth and my father picked Ashley. So that was that.
    My husband, on the other hand is part of a neat tradition. The oldest son's middle name is the father's first name. Earl Barry, Rodney Earl, Grant Rodney and Carter Grant (my son). My other son is named after my brother, John and the place my dad grew up, Tyler....and we call him Ty!

    Names, their history and family trees are fascinating and I love these graphic ways of keeping track!

    And, yes, that's pretty funny about spending 6 weeks as "baby girl"!
    xo Elizabeth

  4. The Kennedy's don't look bad in any picture do they? I love those family trees!

  5. I love family trees. I've always thought it was a cool piece of art to have in your home. A way for everyone to know you're connected to the people that are responsible for you.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  6. My name is a combination of my dad's first name, which is "John" and my mom's middle name, which is "Lynn."

    Growing up, I really wanted to change my name to something "more common" because I was sick of people mispronouncing and misspelling it.

    Now, I appreciate its uniqueness and am honored my parents would have me carry on their legacy via my name.

    Thanks for the post!

  7. I wasn't named for anyone, but my son was. He is named for my great grandfather.

    His middle name is for my dad, my father in law and my husband's late brother who all shared the same name.

    Love that last family tree. I made one kind of similar to it a while back.

  8. lovely photo. We were going to name Gavin, William, after his grandfather and great-grandfather (we were going to call him wills but thought Americans would think it lame so we settle for the middle name and gave him a ultra hip first name instead :)

  9. my dad actually just finished the family trees on both sides of the family as far back as he could go. late 1800's. ireland, germany, and italy. i'm named after my great grandma who was full german and my middle name is my mom's first name and my husband's name happens to be the same way so we plan to continue that on when/if we have kids. my dad's side came to america pretty early on, but my mom's side came in the 30's and 40's to NYC. my grandfather is full italian and looked just like Robert Dinero. i'm sad i was never able to meet him. his name was Rocky...haha. From Ricardo.

  10. I simply adore that silhouette family tree! I strongly believe in names with meaning. Me and my siblings all have different names [ well, my sister's has become popular ] I'm named after my great grandmother's maiden name! I certainly already have names with meaning for my little ones one day!

  11. I wasn't named for anyone - my parents picked a name that was very popular at the time. Sigh. But, our daughter is named for a saint we admire and my grandmother. Our son is named for my husband's grandfather. I love the idea of incorporating a family name. And, I really like the family tree images you included!

  12. I was born on St.Patrick's day so the name "Patricia" seemed only natural, of course, I would have loved the name "lucky" or "clover" - now my dear husband has the name "Cornelius" - woven in his mouthful of names and our twins have names woven from both sides of the Atlantic.

  13. I love these so so much!

    BTdub, I was named after Avon perfume. Ouch.

  14. Love this! I'm named after my late great-grandmother, who was passionate about academics and books like I am, and helped more girls in Eastern Europe receive education...
    I didn't know her, but those who did say I'm very much like her:)
    My son is named after another grandfather of mine, and he sure inherited his wittiness!

  15. I love these trees, what a perfect gift idea!

    I wish that I were named after someone but none of my siblings are, I'm definitely planning on changing that if there is a next generation down the line.

  16. I'm named after my great-grandmother and my aunt(who is also my godmother)


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