Auntie Em

I love my family.

I really do.

It's huge, it's diverse,
and I have about a billion aunts scurrying about.

We aren't Greek, Latino, or Italian.

Just your average German farming community from Kansas.

{So, yeah, basically nothing like the actual Kennedy family... but that's another story.}

But if I could add one more Aunt to my family tree,
I'd pick Emma Thompson.

Doesn't she just seem to perfectly fit the role of an aunt?

I can just imagine Christmas now:

All of us sitting around the kitchen sipping coffee
while Aunt Emma...

tells us hilarious stories...
{like Elinor Dashwood with her sisters in Sense & Sensibility}

cries strong, feminine tears...
{like when Karen confronts her Sneaky Snape of a husband in Love Actually.}

or listens as we cried our own.
{like she comforts Liam Neeson when his wife dies in Love Actually}

But if I can't settle for having her be blood...

I'll guess I'll just have to settle for being her best friend.

**Did you know Emma is married to Willoughby (Greg Wise) from Sense & Sensibility?**


  1. love the fun fact about her and willoughby! i had no idea!

  2. You forgot to tell people that @hellosplendor @somethinglegit and I had lunch with her at the DMA, oh how I love random celebrity sightings in Dallas.

  3. I love Emma Thompson - she's one of my favorites. I had no idea she was married to Greg Wise! I knew she was once married to Kenneth Branaugh.

  4. Can I be Auntie Em's niece done? She plays such a wide array of kooky, loveable, and vulnerable characters!

  5. Really? She is married to him! So cool, I LOVE her, all her characters, and her personality seems so perfect for an aunt, I wan't to be that kind of aunt!

  6. I hear you, sister! She is one of those people that you feel like you know and love even though you've never met her, and that somehow she really is like the best parts of her characters. Also, every time she gives an interview or wins an award she is perfect and funny and endearing and smart! Great post.

  7. Totally. I do feel as though we would be the best of friends.

  8. I love Emma Thompson. She seems wise and kind but also kind of naughty.

  9. I agree! She would be perfect as an aunt! Thanks for visiting design blooms-dont be a stranger!

  10. Loved this post and love ET.
    She's so intelligent and engaging and strong and sexy.
    You're absolutely right, she'd make the perfect aunt.
    Thanks for the romp, Alcira

  11. She's married to Mr. Willoughby?? Who would have thought!


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