This is cute, right?

It's a one page calendar 
that's simple, colorful, fresh, and... free.

And the best part-
It's free!

{Oh, did I already mention that?}

Cute, lil' ole, Memphis-lovin, Leslie 
made them up
and now you can print one out for yourself...
for free.

So you can dream about your approaching vacay, 
scan the month for a good weekend to host a party, 
and keep tabs of when you're busy and when you're...  free.

Click the link here to print one out for yourself.

Mines going on the fridge...
where do you keep your calendar?


  1. So cute!! I'd keep mine by my desk. Did you mention that it was free?

    <3 Ashley
    ashley dot hasty at gmail dot com

  2. This is super cute! Love the colour pops!

  3. I have a one page letterpress calendar framed on my desk....from
    pickering creek.

  4. Or we could count the number of snow days we've had since the beginning of the year - for free!

  5. that is cute! its always great to have a quick dates reference!

  6. SO cute! Defintely going on the side of my fridge... Thanks!

  7. I am so heading over!!!! LOVE this!! And I just burst out laughing as I read Carolyn's comment above. So true - snow schmo. I'm over it! :)
    xoxo E

  8. Yep, I'm taking this and putting it right on my fridge. Along with all the other ladies who have commented!

    ashleygettingdressed at gmail dot com

  9. Love it- thanks for the head's up! Fridge is the place to be.

  10. LOVE this - simple, fresh, elegant, easy to read - and FREE! Gotta love it!


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