Mourning in Camelot...

at the age of 95,
 burning out one of the last remaining links to Camelot.

"Sarge" served as Ambassador to France, 
and lived just under two years from the death of his wife,
Eunice Kennedy Shriver,
the younger sister of John F. Kennedy.

His life was spent working in worthy causes such as
the establishment of the Peace Corps, 
fighting the war on poverty,
& the sudden arrangement 
of the funeral of his wife's brother, JFK.

He is also notably connected as 
the father in law of California's Arnold Schwarzenegger.


  1. Nice tribute. The torch has truly been passed.

  2. What a loss for the Shriver family. Sad day for sure.

  3. A true public servant of the highest order. Lovely tribute.

  4. Aw I know
    Super sad to hear, but so inspiring to read the article in the New York Times that was written about him! I advise that you should definitely check it out!

  5. RIP, Sarge.

    A bright spot amid a tragic time for the Kennedy/Shriver family:


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