Book It.

I've got books on the brain.

....And in my purse.
And my coffee table.
And my night stand.
And on the kitchen counter....

I have been such a book worm lately-
and its even begun infringing on my blog time.


Imagine how giddy I was to find this beauty that combines both my nerdy loves?

Made by Book-Book, 
this is a hand-distressed laptop case that's been
 cleverly disguised as a vintage book.

Im sold.

What are you reading right now?

**I just finished an fabulous book,
and thanks to a very special author...
one of you will get a signed copy of it!

{Details next week!}


  1. Of course we want the same things. I'm beginning to think you've got a spy in my computer. ;)

  2. Just finished Pride and Prejudice actually, and now I'm gravitating back towards my modern chick lit!

  3. Always need good book suggestions...can't wait to see what book you loved? I am currently reading slowly to take it all in: Vicente Wolf's Lifting the Curtain on Design (and of course admiring the photos.)

  4. I am reading biographies of Mahler and Schubert.

  5. I love these Lauren, love love love, they are so freakin cool!!!

  6. Just chose Cleopatra: a Life for my book club. She was the Queen of Egypt and with all the turmoil over there, I thought it would be an interesting read. It also won the Pulitzer Prize.

    Signed book? I love a signed book, :)
    xoxo, e

  7. um, you are not the only one - books have been on my brain too! and i love it. its so refreshing and ive needed it.

    just finished the hunger game series and matched. they are teen fiction - but i still recommend! :)

  8. Count me as book obsessed as well! Love your clever cover. And can't wait to hear about your upcoming signed book present!!

  9. how cute are you?! have been a busy bee the past month and haven't had as much time to read as I'd prefer- am slowly working my way through Vanity Fair.



  10. This is so rad. I love it! I have been quite the bookworm too, as of late. I've read six books so far in 2011, and I'm just about to start The Secret Life of Cee Cee Wilkes.

    I'm very curious about next week's book report!

  11. So cool. I'm reading The Hand That First Held Mine.

  12. Always love a good book suggestion. I just finished PS I love you by Cecilia Ahern and Best Friends by Jennifer Weiner. Nothing too deep but fun!

  13. How wonderfully adorable. I just finished The Hand that First Held Mine...complete airport fiction but surprisingly engrossing.

  14. that is SO cool. i want one. i just finished "lets take the long way home" its a memoir about friendship....and man, it's heart wrenching. i def recommend.

  15. Good morning from Tokyo!

    I have been looking for a stylish cover for my laptop for ages! This is perfect because it looks like it just *belongs* here. It won't seem so out of place! Lauren, as always, thanks for sharing a great discovery! I'm going to have to get the one bound in red (because ones home always needs an injection of red).

    A lovely weekend to you and yours...



  16. omy what a sweet little computer cover! i love it. and i love your blog! now following :) have a wonderful weekend! xoxo jcd

  17. Perfect! Thanks for sharing that.

    I'm SUCH a word nerd. First novel out in the spring, so I'm editing more than reading at the moment. I also just became a columnist for Writing Magazine - you can pick it up in WHSmith in Oxford - my column starts next month. SO excited. My dream gig. Hope you're loving Oxford.


    From Brain to Bookshelf

  18. Where is that laptop case from??<3 it!

  19. So fab...wonder if they make one for Ipads too!?

  20. That is awesome. Sadly I am having a hard time converting from the ability to dog ear a page paper books to books on my iPad. I may or may not have a giant leather basket next to my bed full to the brim of new books. Hmm...Hi, my name is Rachel and I am a bookaholic.

  21. My daughter's 17th birthday is coming up and this would be perfect for her! She is such a book nerd! Just discovering your blog and you make me smile. So much energy and cuteness! Thank you.


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