Free & Moore.

We all know that I'm cheap, right?
And I love sharing my pretty finds at a dirty price...

So how do you feel about getting $250 from Talbot's for... free!

When Talbot's told me about their Spotted DIY Contest- I jumped at the chance...
{because an Aspiring Kennedy needs all the help she can get.}

And now I'm jumping even more...
because I won & have $250 to spend.

speaking of Talbots.
Did you see the news yesterday?

Julianne Moore is the new face for the retailer.

And the just-released images are absurdly pretty...

Congratulations, Talbots:
 you have our attention.

{and if you're up for it- read my holiday guest post at Talbot's blog}


  1. I'd love to pull off her hair!!!!!!!

    (Not from her head, of course. I'd love to be a fair-skinned ginger.)

  2. Good morning from Tokyo!

    Congratulations on your win, Lauren! You looked lovely as ever in your picture~very deserving of your bounty. As always, Julianne Moore is a flawless, ageless goddess. does she do it? Thank you for sharing and enjoy your weekend ahead!



  3. Wow - Julianne is definitely changing the image I had of Talbot's, just like Katie Holmes is doing for Ann Taylor! Beautiful pics!

  4. So funny - Free and Moore sounds like a new brand. Congratulations! Talbots is really doing terrific things- last fall Linda Evangelista and now Julieanne Moore, who I simply adore. I actually scored some adorable things at Talbot last season so here's hoping they have some equally stylish things for you to choose from this spring!


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