Snow Shutter Speed

Once upon time,
 a giggly freshman girl
 entered her first accounting class.

She sat on the front row.

Until the second day-
when she moved to the top row 
by two cutest boys in her class.

Over time, she taught them novel tricks like how to text message,
 and they kept her up to speed on what would be on the test.

After a few years,
they all graduated.

**The End.**

I'll tell you a secret, that is a true story about me!

{what? oh... you could tell?}

The two boys I sat by were Grant & Aaron.

Grant went on to become one of my best friends,
and a blogger named Cashmere Cowboy.

Aaron soon graduated and became a famous wedding photographer.
He can be seen on Style Me Pretty,  tweeting on location around the globe...
oh, and rocking the blog world with these Valentine pics of his son, Sam.

Over Christmas, Aaron kindly offered to take my portrait,
and before you could say "quantitative analysis," I was in. 

{Note to self: ALWAYS sit by cute boys in class.}

I love the way Aaron captured me during the sitting.

A little disheveled,
simple, & happy.

Because the bottom line is-
that's pretty much who I am.

If you like feeling pretty & cool-
{and who wouldn't?}

He's incredibly talented at wedding photography,
...and he's pretty darn good at portraits, too.

True Story.

{Did you notice Aaron is a new underwriter of Aspiring Kennedy? I'm couldn't be prouder!}


  1. Beautiful pictures! And where is that green sweater from? Gorgeous! Hope you're loving life in the UK!

  2. Love them, you look fantastic and he did a beautiful joB!

  3. Love you girlfriend, wish we'd taken a college class together ;)
    Alas you're likely several years younger!
    These are beautiful, very fresh and honest.
    Lovely, hope all is well, Alcira

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love the braid!

  5. ok, he captured you perfectly.
    ditto- love that braid.

  6. Really fantastic shots! You radiate happiness and beauty.

  7. What gorgeous photos of you! He did such a great job. Isn't it great to have friends like that?

  8. Something tells me those two cute boys were thrilled that the cutest girl in class moved back to sit with them! My husband's name is Grant so I know Cashmere Cowboy will be my cup of tea. Aaron is an awesome photographer...but of course they photos are the bomb....they're you!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  9. You are so pretty! Beautiful photos and that little boy is so stinking cute!

  10. Fabulous shots - casual, candid and beautiful!! Love the little back story!

  11. You are gorgeous and these photos are stunning!!

    So happy - and i love that sweater. daaaanggirl.

  12. you are so gorgeous! love these photos, and how fun to have such a talented friend!

  13. as i said before...he's doing my friends wedding that i am in this coming october. im super excited. he's worked with my wedding photographer holli b, and other photogs i know through the grapevine. your pictures are lovely! i can not wait to see my friends wedding through his eyes. and im doing the invites so it will definitely be featured on my blog! :) definitely sit next to cute boys in class. it's like the unspoken rule.

  14. Lovely, lady! Just lovely!

    (I should have listened to Daddy when he said to take accounting courses instead of musical theatre.) ;)

  15. Gorgeous photos of you! And a very cute story too!

  16. These are SO gorgeous Lauren! Lucky Girl to have such a talented friend! I love your fur lined sweater too!

  17. gorgeous! what great company you keep :)

  18. This made my day! That accounting class changed my life by gaining you as best friend. Miss you!


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