A Crosley Kid

I'll be honest:
I've been half-hearting my blog this week.

To any & all my faithful readers
{hi dad!},
please accept my apologies.

The truth is I've been holed away at Starbucks 
in an attempt to mentally sort myself.

You see, I like to write.

My interior monologue is relentless, 
and I've been told I have a knack for jotting it down.

So while all of you have been contributing talents to the professional world,
extending long hours of rearing your children,
or doing worthwhile things like charity & excercise...

I've been drinking a skinny caramel macchiato,
and reading archived articles of writers I admire 
to get me back into the writing mood.

A bit pathetic, I'll admit...
but I have to tell you- it's pretty great.

But if you, too, like things that are really great,
read some of these articles by my favorite author, Sloane Crosley.

Sloane has written some amazing books
{I was told there'd be cake, How did you get this number?},
but it's my personal opinion
that she hits her stride in some of her shorter pieces for the New York Times.

Like this article on tequila,
 this piece on Halloween,
and this essay on cats.

Sloane offers an irreverently honest voice
  spoken from the mouth 
of a functional, well-educated woman.

I will warn you, she's not for everyone.

"I Was Told There'd Be Cake"
 was my selection for book club one month.
I read it, giggled to myself on every page, 
and was busting with anticipation over the wait
to discuss all of her stories in great detail.

I arrived to a table of uninterested, uncharmed girls 
who stared blankly back at my glee.

But I love her.

And if you like my writing, 
I hope that means you'll like hers, too.

Isn't that right, dad?


  1. OMG! im reading 'how did you get this number' right now! i love her writing style and short stories are my favorite. i'll have to check out these shorter articles. thanks for the links! xoxo jcd

  2. I Was Told There'd be Cake- was so laugh out loud funny, I read it three times! Maybe we can go in this direction next month for book club? xx

  3. mmm must check her out!! I'm a big fan of short stories, mostly because with schoolwork i never have the time i like to dedicate to a full novel.

    love your blog!!


  4. omg i love her writing, she is so beyond hilarious, hopefully she writes another book soon!

  5. Don't you hate it when your sense of humor, as well as the literature that goes with it, is totally lost on others? I've been there. Sloane is great. :)

  6. i read the tequila article. her writing is awesome! thanks for sharing : )

    ps i'm hosting a gourmet chocolate GIVEAWAY just in time for <3 day!

  7. i do enjoy your writing. its so amusing and insightful at the same time....so that means, i think i'll like sloane's writingg too :)

  8. I love Sloane Crosley! I Was Told There'd be Cake made me laugh until I cried. I will have to check out some of her shorter pieces. She's hilarious!

  9. Very excited to check out Sloane's book... you reminded me that I wanted to pick it up!

  10. Well, I love your writing, so I know I'd love hers! I just chose the "ligth" Cleopatra for my book club! he he

    Just figured if the whole world was tuning in to watch who would run Egypt, it might be fun to read about thier last queen!

    And....as long as you don't leave us high and dry (meaning not write at all0 then you are welcome to sit at Starbucks as long as you need!

    xoxo elizabeth

  11. Well I guess I have to check her out then, since I definitely enjoy your writing : )

  12. ha, love the tequila article. im going to need a good book to read soon, so she's next up on the kindle list. i'm taking a blog break too....so don't feel too bad. we're obviously here when you do feel like writing us!

  13. I really do admire Sloane and her writing. I like that she makes me laugh all the while trying to cough out a hairball and drink at my own pace. Her writing is honest, witty and real....just like yours.

  14. ok I HAVE to go check her out. the tequlia article was phenomenal. i'm loving her little quips. thanks for sharing, lauren!


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