Morning, lovies!

I'm up early,
and scooting around town
making some Valentine's Day gifts.

{Would you be interested in a peek & tutorial?}

I hope you have success in whatever tasks are ahead of you today,
and remember to start on a full stomach.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,
and it's bonkers delicious, too!

What's your breakfast of champions?

This is how we roll in these parts...


  1. What an adorable piece of art!! Don't know that I can handle much more than the base and coffee!!

  2. That is the cutest poster! Ahh I remember English breakfasts well - wayyy too much food but definitely filling!

  3. I remember traveling through England and loving their huge breakfasts (except for the requisite tomato!). This poster would be great framed in a funky kitchen. Thanks.

  4. yes, very interested in a peek and a tutorial....and when I am traveling I always love having what the locals have. most mornings start with oatmeal....some fruit...flax seed....cranberries and a wee cup of coffee.

  5. how fun!! i love this :) breakfast is my favorite but i usually just eat cereal or oatmeal..wish i had time to have something grand like the full welsh :) xoxo jcd

  6. I love love this poster- so cute! I'm a cereal or oatmeal girl like Jillian- can't do protein in the morning I'm afraid.

  7. What a charming print! Is this yours? Oh, you MUST sell it on Spoonflower. It would make the most charming tea towel!!!!

  8. Just discovered your blog via twitter and wanted to tell you that I'm loving what I'm seeing! You're adorable and your blog is right up my alley:)


  9. im a cereal person myself. simple, sugary, and quick. :) if i have time i make eggs with some oj over ice. i definitely feel better and am fuller longer when i eat that way.... hmmm....

  10. I can't leave the house without having coffee. Past that...a good day is oatmeal. Typical is a bar of some sort. I adore a soft boiled egg and "soldiers" from Le Pain Quotidien!

    Hope it was a productive day!
    xo Elizabeth

  11. Good morning from Tokyo!

    We're typically a simple breakfast family during the weekdays due to Eldest's school schedule. Otameal, croissant, enligsh muffins, and fruit are our norm. The weekends allow us that extra time for something much richer and decadent like our French Toast casserole. Mmm.

    I'd love to get a peak at your Valentine idea!

    A lovely day to you in Oxford...



  12. oh yes id love to see what you're working on for v-day gifts! need to get working on mine!!

    and love that poster - its hilarious!

    p.s. and btw i agree with you, friend. i think we would hang out all the time!!

  13. hahah this is sooo adorable!! i LOVE this poster!! unfortunately i hardly ever eat breakfast and i know that is soo bad for u!!!

  14. Love this poster! I NEED my breakfast in the morning or i can't function! I'm a smoothies and cereal type during the week and eggs on the weekends!


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