Burberry... Sweet & Tart

The other night, 
you may have seen my tweets
as I listened to
Creative Director,
speak at the Oxford Union.


I can not tell you how much I enjoyed the evening.

My heart was beating with excitement the entire time.

This man had the vision to turn around the fading brand,
gave it new life,
and is still dreaming of ways to grow Burberry.

Christopher was smart, humble, and made it a point to encourage everyone in the room.

As I sat there in the old library of the union 
where he chatted casually with the small group of students,
I was in awe.

These amazing moments are happening all the time in Oxford.

Every stereotype I could have imagined is real.

Including the one where he invited us to hang out with him in the Union Pub
before he flew out to Milan late that evening.

Not a great picture, but I couldn't be prouder!

Holy cow... 
I love it here!


  1. Firstly - I think that's an adorable picture!! And secondly - what a fabuous evening. Bailey is an incredible talent and the fabulous Fall 2011 show proved it - I am dying for that first orange coat that came down the runway!!

  2. I'm so jealous of your life! I love that he invited everyone to a pub after- who knew that really happens?! Its amazing how he managed to turn around Burberry, I'm definitely a little in awe of him myself.

  3. What a cutie he is. (And of course we've established you'd be lovely with a paper bag upon your head.)

  4. how exciting!! i am sure he was v interesting, and damn he is pretty good looking :) lucky you! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  5. Oh my goodness, what a night!! I am so jealous you live there- would love love to spend even a week in Oxford!

  6. Sounds like a pretty fabulous evening! I have got to get back to the U.K. one of these days. Dare I say it's been over 25 years. I'm due.

  7. are you kiddding...it's a great picture! you can't take a bad one...I'm sure of it.

  8. Wow, that handsome youthful lad is the brain power behind Burberry?! That is so fabulous! What a fun evening...thanks for sharing it with us. The photo is adorable...enjoy it!!

  9. dying a little inside from jealousy. lucky ducky!

  10. So fun! Isn't it the best when you really connect with a city?! And I still rock my Burberry Brit Red perfume I found at TJ Maxx a few years ago. :)


  11. hold up a hot second.

    a. how on earth do we not "know" each other???
    b. how have i not seen your blog yet??
    c. this needs to change. now.

    Oh hey. btw. I'm Megan. My husband and I are from southern california, but we are living in Nottingham, England for a year doing post grad work at the Uni.


    oxford is our favorite city in england. My husband studied in oxford a few years back and says its his second home.

    lets be friends.

  12. I would LOVE to hear him speak, what a great opportunity and fabulous night! He is such a talent and I can only imagine how inspiring that must have been!

  13. Lucky lady! He truly has such vision and did such a great job with Burberry (oh to have a few things from Burberry Prorsum!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living


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