If I Woke Up In Paris, I Would... Vol 1

Hi friends,
I have some of my favorite people
in town for the week.
We are bopping around Oxford, 
and then off for a Parisian adventure.

In the meantime, we have some amazing bloggers
filling in here at Aspiring Kennedy
starting with the amazing Sarah

Enjoy their posts...
{they are an upgrade from what you normal get from me!}

  I'm Sarah from fairy tales are true ; a lover of travel, food, and french style. 

 When the ever adorable Lauren asked if I could write about what I'd do if I woke up in Paris, 
I came down with a big case of nostalgia.  

It is so easy to fall in love with my memories of Paris.  

The food, the women on the avenues, incredible shopping, cheese, and crepes.  
Paris makes my design and food loving heart beat a little faster.  


If I woke up in Paris, I would ...  

Here's to hoping knowing Lauren is having a fabulous, glamorous time in 
The City of Lights!  


  1. oh Paris, a world beyond ours! Enjoy darling xoxo

  2. lovely post! this makes me miss paris so much! xoxo jcd :: xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  3. Off to Paris in two weeks! So excited! Any thing else you think are must do's and see's?


  4. Hope you're having a fabulous time, Lauren! And Sarah you captured Paris perfectly, sweetie. So longing to get back :) xoxo

  5. Sigh!! I wish!!! Lovely pictures .. :-)have a great weekend!

  6. I would love to do all of those things too if I woke up in Paris!!!

  7. Sarah this post is amazing! I love how you told tour trip with the photos for everything you did! It was amazing!

  8. Love this post -- makes me dream of waking up there...hopefully one day soon!! xoxo

  9. hey twitterbff. you make everything look lovely. and making paris look even MORE amazing is difficult. well done.

  10. Oh I'm so jealous- I spent my honeymoon in sweet Paris and would just love to go back. Sarah captured it perfectly!! xo

  11. these pictures inspire me!!!! they are amazing, and i need to go to Paris ASAP!!!!

  12. paris would be divine. spesh with a beret, shopping, AND sarah.

  13. ooooo, this series is going to be amazing!!! i'm so excited to read them all, and know it will whip me into a frenzy for my own trip!!!

    hope you're having a ball, doll!

  14. How very very fun! I'm so excited to read more of the series! Have a lovely time!!xoxo

  15. Everything is so lovely! Oh what I wouldn't do to visit Paris! A girl can dream right? Hope you have a wonderful trip belle!


  16. Very nice post! Oh how I wish that I could visit Paris!


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