If you woke up in Paris....

So remember that one time
when I did that series

Yeah, that one.

The one from last week.

Sweet Joelle of
emailed me and asked if she could do 
her own continuation of the series.

Erm.. hello, yes!

So, luckily,
 the series lives on.

If you want to add on to the series, 
blog away...
then email me & I'll link it on!


  1. You're so sweet to offer this up! It's such a fantastic guest blogging idea...I think I might have to save it for the next time I'm out of town! And PS, I'm so glad this series lives on. I could daydream about Paris forever and ever.

  2. Hello hello! Thanks for the comment the other day! That "real" housewife has nooooo shame. Ew. Anyways saw your last post. I. Love. London. Have you ever been to the "Reject China" shops there? I had so much fun in that store searching for a cup and saucer for my mom. Anyways hope all is well! Happy Monday. xo

  3. Such a great series. I am now following her, thanks for the introduction. Hope your week is going well. xo

  4. Perhaps "If I Woke Up in Paris" could be a whole new guest blogosphere...you know similar to "Texts from Last Night"...except far classier. :)


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