Million Dollar Pancakes

In the past,
I've proven to be a bit controversial.

Today, I'm back with another divisive statement:

I think pancakes are gross.

While they may be cute in theory,
they are a soggy mess of bread, butter, and syrup
in real life.

But like cheese and olives,
I'm trying.

So I've found a few spin-offs of the classic pancake
that not only have me willing...
but excited to whip out the old griddle!

While these may seem the same as your standard pancake,
I can't wait to try this out.

Not only are they far prettier,
but I love that these pancakes have more crispy edges
to withstand the soggy fate of a fluffy pancake.

Chocolate shavings, espresso powder in the batter,
marscapone cheese filling...

I would be so tricked by these that I might even eat it for dessert.

I think that is frosting instead of syrup...
which tricks my mind into thinking it's a giant cake donut...
but with funfetti sprinkles.

but hey... they are vegan,
so they can't be too bad, right?

I guess not ALL pancakes are gross.
{just plain ones that get real mushy...}

To be honest,
 I did love a good Cory Cake from Legal Grounds
when we lived in Dallas

{Pancake with granola, strawberries, banana, and apple praline syrup.}

And I do have a recipe for a mutation of a pancake 
that I can not wait to share with you later this month.

It's loaf-ier and saltier...
and probably involves bacon.

You may name your first kid after me once you try it.

Or not.

Either way, you'll like it.

*images via 1, 2, 3, 4


  1. these are great pancake ideas! i love new takes on old classics :)
    but living in italy and having a lack of pancakes makes me love them oh so much more when i go home (boston) for the summer. those photos are killing me, basically.

  2. Well, now I'm hungry. For pancakes. And only pancakes. I've seen the brownie pancakes before. You know what else is amazing? Chocolate bread french toast. YUP. Make a chocolate loaf, and then use it for french toast. Gah. I love breakfast.

  3. Have you seen this site?

  4. oh my goodness! you are controversial. i don't know if i can read your blog anymore, friend ;)

    haha - i only like pancakes when they are drenched in syrup or lots of chocolate chips. i loved all these images too - yum!

  5. It's killing me to see pancakes that close to eggs. Separate plates, please. :)

  6. Funfetti pancakes?! You're killing me!

  7. totally want to try the funfetti and brownie ones...yum!

  8. The funfetti ones look ah-mazing! I've never met a pancake I didn't like.

  9. Those brownie pancakes look amazing. I'm not normally a fan of pancakes as well. I totally agree with how you described them.

    Whenever I make them at home I always make mine on the thin side and crispy. So pretty much I'm eating funnel cake. Yum. :)

  10. Yup, I'll take the brownie and the funfetti pancakes. Thaaaaaaaanks.

  11. omg making me soooo hungry & wishing I ate dairy!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

  12. I eat my pancakes with just peanut butter or nutella, so no sig for me! My daughter loves pancakes so much she's having a Pancakes & pajamas party this weekend.

    And btw, try the ricotta pancakes at Smoke next time you're in town and you'll change your tune about pancakes! Crack, I tell ya!

  13. It's okay Lauren. I'll eat all the pancakes and cheese you don't want.

  14. Um, those brownie pancakes look amazing!

  15. Wow, those are some mouth-watering photos! I do like pancakes, but I would much prefer a good Belgian waffle. :)

  16. im not sure if we can be friends anymore. ok, i'm kidding. i love getting jealous about your jet setting life too much. :)

    i am very picky about my pancakes. i use butter and syrup sparingly and would prefer them with some whip cream and strawberries. me and carbs are best friends and should probably get married. but there are some mornings when the night before was a little rough and nothing sounds better than some pancakes soaked in butter. mmmmm.

  17. wow all of these look amazing!!! especially the funfetti ones!! so fun!!

  18. those funfetti look amazing! try adding vanilla to your mix, it adds a nice touch! And I am totally with you on hating olives!
    xoxo em

  19. A Funfetti Pancake? Where have I been and why didn't I know about this!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  20. You are too funny sweetie! I love pancakes and can't believe you don't! Oh well, great photos and ideas! I hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday honey! I posted twice today, so hopefully you can stop by! Kori xoxo

  21. I love pancakes but think I would definitely love a tiramisu pancake even more! So delicious looking. This post has made me so hungry!

  22. Agree - let the kids have pancakes and I'll take crepes! Lighter, crispier and can be sweet or savory...

  23. These are insane!!! I have to try some of these. This could be really fun!

    ~ Cara

  24. I can totally see where this is coming from. When I was about 10, I slept over at my grandparents, and woke up to a "pancake" breakfast- more or less my pancakes were floating in the syrup. Ive never been a syrup fan from that day on. But- I do still like pancakes. These looks AMAZING, tiramisu, seriously? Yum! Try the new bisquick yellow shaker container things, they make awesomely fluffy and light pancakes!

  25. Lovely blog you have here!! So happy I came across it, following now! Please visit mine and hopefully you will do the same.

    Best, Tamra

  26. I'm so glad someone else in the world thinks pancakes are gross!!! I get such grief from my husband and family for thinking this...but it's true! I am forced to make blueberry pancakes for my husband about once a month though because he craves them so. sigh.

  27. Oh my Pancakes!
    I find my self to be a connoisseur of pancakes and I cant not believe there are those who dont love! haha but to each their own! Love your blog!


  28. oh man, now I'm totally craving pancakes!! These all are so beautiful - plus delicious looking!

  29. yummy! thanks for posting.
    i just love your blog!

  30. do they even have pancakes in england? because i have yet to find any. maybe you are in the right place to hate pancakes..

    but cheese?

    i'm surprised they havnt kicked you out.
    i joke.

    i dont like tea.

    please dont tell the british...

  31. I had better not let my boys see the funfetti pancakes. They would demand them on the spot. But, what a fun birthday breakfast. Won't they just melt (my feeble attempt at a butter joke!).

    xoxo E

  32. Okay, I have to try all of these! I made red velvet pancakes a while back and they were BOMB. Try them!

  33. those doily pancakes are incredible!!!

  34. I don't always like how mushy pancakes get either. You could always try put syrup into a little dish or measuring cup, and dipping pieces of pancake into as you eat so they don't get mushy.


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