La Shakespeare

I'm lucky to work with college students
who choose to study abroad in London & Paris.

I teach them things like
 British Culture, getting around on the Tube, 
& how to navigate a menu at an Indian restaurant.

And in return...
they teach me things like
internet hotspot shields that let me watch 30 Rock on Hulu,
Harry Potter movie star trivia,
& the "cool" places to go in all the European cities.

Last fall, 
my students were constantly scheming
of how to get a visit to Paris to visit

They had heard of it from students before them,
and were bubbling with excitement to make it there, I decided I need to check it out for myself.

 I went with my friends when we were in Paris,
and we looooved it.

This hidden gem
{cleverly disguised as a book shop} 
sits across the bridge from Notre Dame.

{Like literally, in it's front yard.}

Cozy corners to sit and read, old books mixed with new books, 
an outdoor area that overlooks the cathedral,
and the stamp of Mr. William Shakespeare inside the cover of our new books
left us resolved that this was pretty much...

 heaven on earth.

*photography by Rachel Johnson, 
  editing by Aspiring Kennedy


  1. I am so sad that I never studdied abroad in is one of my biggest "regrets" (boo)
    <3 Cara
    Lilac and Grey

  2. This spot looks amazing, it's one of those secret spots not too many people know about?
    What do you do, are you a prof?

  3. You may have found this book on your visit but in case you didn't, there's a book called Shakespeare and Company by Sylvia Beach that's about the opening of the bookstore and the authors who hung out there. I read it years ago but remember really enjoying it.

  4. Oh my cuteness, I must find this when I am in Paris!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. Such a beautiful spot. I want to go in there and nestle in between the shelves.

  6. I used to spend hours upon hours at this little bookshop when I studied in Paris...and then, when I got tired of being around so many tourists {since it is, right next to Notre Dame}, I would walk to the Luxembourg Gardens and read whatever I found.

    *Sigh*...I wish I were back in Paris...


  7. Le amazing and what a spot to daydream. Gorgeous photos lovely.

  8. oh my, i love it :) what an amazing little nook!

  9. gasp, i'm in love. just one more reason to go to paris. dang it. i need to get my booty over there. thanks for posting! i really enjoying living vicariously through your travels. ;)

  10. What an idyllic place...I would love to make it there one day! Perfect for a bookworm like me :)

  11. i LOVE THAT PLACE! so perfect. and yeah we did have a fun time there. esp lyndsey ;) our little shopper

  12. It's a great gem, isn't it? Sylvia Beech's store was actually in another was the hub of the Bloomsbury group when they were in Paris as well as a host of other expats. The guy who originally owned this version of the store in the 70's, 80's and 90's, was an avvowed communist who would give a bed in the shop to anyone who asked and who was willing to do their own dishes. Pretty amazing.

  13. I love that pokey old place. Last time I was in Paris I was with my less-than-enthusiastic family. I can't wait to go back and just sit...for as long as I want...with nobody yelling at me to "get a move on."

  14. i stumbled on this place totally by accident when i went to paris in october - it's amazing! x

  15. o wow! what a great find! i need to go there when i return to paris :) xoxo jcd cornflake dreams

  16. Wow what an experience and I'm dying to go see all those books! Have a great day doll!

    Have you heard about my good news? Kori xoxo

  17. This looks like such a lovely place! Amazing! xo

  18. amazing bookstore, and also a pretty cool sounding job!


  19. just discovered your blog and I am loving reading it (loved your Sabrina and Lisel posts), as I have been living in London the past 2 years
    I have to ask-- how did you find your job? it seems amazing


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