Not to be dramatic...

... but Laura Mercier is on Gilt Groupe today.

And I'm going little crazy.

I've never understood why
the cosmetic industry is exempt 
from marking their merchandise down?

Every single other industry has sales...

how do they get away with continuous full price?

I still have no clue.

Either way...
we can snag the low prices today.

Like now.


PS. Have you noticed how much I love this site? 


  1. I'm dying. Love LM. Now I just need to decide what to get before it's all gone...

  2. hahaha Gilt Group is amazing! I haven't tried any of her products before though! Good luck deciding and getting what you want! :)

  3. Obsessed with Laura Mercier! She has the BEST oil free bronzing lotions.

  4. Holy cow. I wish foundation powder were on sale!

  5. Her liquid eyeliner has changed my life!!! And the fact that it lasts for ages makes it totally worth the price!


  6. Gilt Group is the reason my credit card hates me haha! They have all of the best sales this side of ever.

  7. I'm way ahead of you! Already placed my order. This combined with my Stila from Hautelook order that just came in I'm set for Spring/Summer makeup.

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  8. I saw this today and was over the moon about it! Good point about constant full price cosmetics...definitely not cool!

  9. Usually prestige cosmetics only go on sale when the company is looking to dump some excess merchandise. It's awesome that Gilt & Haute Look and the like are around so we can take advantage! :)

  10. Oh man! I wish I had seen the post earlier. Is it still up? Thanks for incredible find.


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