What else can I say?

Today is just one of those days
where it seems absurdity is going to rule the day.

It starting when I had an allergic reaction to... the cold.

My thighs literally got so cold walking
that they are covered in hives & swollen.

 I'm warming up with fresh Pippin's donuts from today's organic market
and waiting for the first batch of coffee to brew
 in my new coffee maker that arrived this morning...

{After 8 months of a french press, I'm ready to outsource the effort to a machine.}

And of course, laughing about how ridiculous this all is.

Here's to hoping your day 
gets off on the right {unswollen} foot....

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  1. Hi Lauren! Hope you feel better soon and that the weather improves (by the 15th at least!!). Looking forward to some of those delish donuts from the market...enjoy your coffee...xtam

  2. Lauren, I'm so sorry about your legs. You'll never want to go anywhere with me again. I'm ready for some tropical winds to blow some warm air into town! Enough with winter! At least you have your coffee to console you!

  3. Glad the cold did not affect your wit and whim...nothing like a doughnut to cure all or some nutty fun.

  4. i hope your day gets better and those hives go away! enjoy the donuts :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  5. I had the exact same thing happen to me once when Mark and I were in D.C. I walked around Arlington National Cemetary in boots. It was freezing and snowing and when we returned to the hotel I was swollen with hives from the top of my boots to the bottom of my skirt. It was crazy.

  6. Hope you feel better! The moccamaster from Williams Sonoma will make you feel better and grant you all your coffee wishes:)

  7. Oh no, feel better!

    I had a strange skin reaction to the cold when I visited home too! This tropical country living has thrown my system for a loop!

  8. I have a friend who is literally allergic to the cold - whenever she ventures out with temps lower than 40 degrees she gets hives all over! So I'm sure she would totally relate to how you are feeling!
    Hope you are able to stay warm!!

  9. As I'm drinking my coffee this morning, machine made of course, I am feeling really bad for you today. Some days are just like that. And, that's when I remind myself.....there can't be a rainbow without the rain.

    Hang in there!!!!
    xo E

  10. That picture is fabulous!
    And, ironically, I just bought a French Press to try a different approach to my coffee making/drinking experience....funny, that you are switching back to automatic!

  11. Great shot!! I'm sure you'll feel better when you warm up and are fully caffeinated!! We had a few teaser days and are now back to frigid temperatures today!! Can't wait for spring!!

  12. That picture is hilarious! It's freezing here too. I can't wait for warmer temps! Hope your day improves!

  13. Hope that delish donut helps mend it all- happy rest of your day lovely!!

  14. Feel better, cold can do bad things!! Happy to have found your blog today!

  15. I hope those donuts hit the spot! Feel better!

  16. Oh now! Feel better soon!! Enjoy those donuts and coffee...mmm <3

  17. Yup. The first snowstorm I had to trudge through to get to class in college made me puff up like a monster. And I was on my way to dance. Then my legs burned like fire for the next five hours.

  18. Another reason why the cold sucks! Feel better! The picture is hilarious, and I hope it made you laugh, too.


  19. That picture is hilarious! And, I totally sympathize with your cold and swollen thigh's - isn't that the worst feeling EVER! I hope you warm up, enjoy your coffee, and have a better day!

  20. First off, I ADORE that picture! My mom sent it to me in an email with a bunch of other crazy animal photos and it is so awesome.

    Second, I hope you're feeling better! I think we all have those days sometimes. When nothing is right and everything is crazy.

    So glad to have found your blog!!


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