Book Club, Open Forum

I have book club tonight.

It's always a fun night to get out, 
catch up with friends,
& feel like a smarty pants.

I've been in a few book clubs,
and they all seem to be different.

Some are more literary,
some are more about the food,
and some, well, some are just an excuse to booze.

Which category does your group fall into?

If you're looking for a new book,
I highly recommend the book we are discussing tonight,

It's a surprisingly hilarious tale of three hypochondriacs 
 floating down the Thames together on vacation.

It was written in the 1800's.

{Who knew, right?}

I've been giggling the whole way though it...
and really need to go finish it before tonight!

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  1. I'm a part of two: one is at work and that's to actually discuss books. The other is with my girl friends and is a complete excuse to drink wine and gossip!

  2. i love reading but could never join a book club since i read either too fast or too slow for the group. hehe. i'll def include this book on my list!

  3. My book club is of course filled with the highest caliber of glamourous literati.

    (We often talk about our books--on our staggering way out the door.)

  4. just checked it out from the library! thanks for the recommendation!

  5. o fun! ill add that to my book list. :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  6. such a lovely blog ; )


  7. I just joined a book club with my gf from college and we both graduated with English so I'm thinking this is going to be a literary hub. I'll be joining from across the US so I don't get to participate in real life i.e., no booze or good food for me.

  8. I will have to pick up that book - I could use a new one. My book club is probably more about booze. But we do do a great bit of talking about the book. We all love to read we just like to discuss literary things under the influence.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  9. Sounds like a good and funny book! Thanks for recommending it.
    I just joined a Blogger Book Club at the beginning of the year. We're on our second book. :) Our club is more socially connected through internet than in person, but definitely fits the literally hub!

  10. We are definitely a boozy book club with some yummy tid bits... and it ends up degenerating from there!

  11. I am not part of a book club which is just as well since who knows if I would be able to keep up - I think I might join the Buzz's however - sounds like my kind of place. Putting this book on my never ending list!!

  12. I'm wondering which one the BAB girls are classified as? I'll ask everyone while we pop open our Hurricane mix next week. :)

  13. i started a book club and in the beginning i had high hopes of it being more literary/fancy pants/intelectual...but it has turned into a reason to Wine:)- kidding! well not really...

    we have our bc tonight too- we will be thinking about you or should i say toasting to you too:)


  14. i've never been in a book club, but i read like mad. i read atlas shurgged in a week, if that. maybe i have too much free time but if it's a good book i can't keep my hands off of it. i have a feeling i would read too fast for a group and then end up drinking too much with the group. ha.

  15. Thanks for the recommendation. I've been looking for a new book after finishing Chuck Klosterman's "Downtown Owl."

    If I belonged to a book club, I'd want it to be a little of all three!

  16. I was in a book group for a few years and I defected. I felt horrible about it..and still do. Perhaps I just find happiness in talking about the book with me, myself and I.
    I think my next book group will be in heaven with the "dead poet's society"- I would like to read poetry and talk about it and get just one's deserts!

  17. I'm in 2 bookclubs. One, small and intimate and always with wine and yummy food, good discsussion and then lot of chit-chat about nothing at all.

    The other is a tad more serious, likes to meet during the day....and I'm hosting next Tuesday. Need to finish the book. But, as you can see, I'm "busy"! ha ha

    xoxo Elizabeth

  18. Well Krystal, since BAB stands for Books and Booze, I think you already know the answer to that one!!


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