ONE for the Press.

My friend, Beth, has a kid.

His name is Maxton, 
and he is pretty flippin cute.

And he looked extra adorable

Holy cow, Beth, 
stop being so creative & cute.

...or at least offer to be my surrogate.

*photos by Kevin Dotolo
*check out Heather & Carolina's mention


  1. wowzah, what a sweet little party. i love all the bright green she used. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  2. So cute! I just designed my nephew's first birthday party, too.

  3. Good morning from Tokyo!

    My apologies for not stopping by recently~Spring allergies have had us in a tizzy! This season is a blessing and a curse.

    Beth's party looks like it was so much fun~for both Maxton and adults alike. Thank you for sharing. It certainly lent inspiration for future parties for our little guy.

    Thank you for sharing!



    PS-I loved your sweet cottage. What a charming nest you and the hubs shared.

  4. Stunning party!! So creative and i love the food choices xo

  5. Does Beth do other children's parties? She's hired if she does and Maxton can come, too!) To cute for words!

  6. Holy Moly that is awesome!! Way to go Beth and hubby!


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